Preparation of Terylene (High polymer,Fibre)

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Preparation of Terylene

introduction: Terylene is a practical example of polyester. Like nylon, it is popular for the use in making synthetic textiles. from the force constants for bond stretching and valence angle deformation the Young’s modulus E value for the crystal of terylene or fibre  can be the direction is  in the direction of chain axis.


Terylene can be easily prepared. In laboratory it can be prepared by prepared by a polyconensation reaction between a carboxylic acid and a idol.Meanwhile, there are many engineering companies that are offering flake production plants and components, and it is difficult to decide for one or other plant design. In view of technology there isn’t just one way to do it.The benzene ring which is already present in the structure makes this problem less straightforward than that of the simple linear chain structures.We get the value of E is 1·22 × 1012dyn/cm2     .

By adding other chemicals terylene can be of different color .The following steps are applied Bale opening, briquette opening, Pre-washing occurs  without cutting, Grinding it , dry and / or wet it can manage , Coarse cutting dry or combined to pre-washing Clean water rinsing,Drying,Air-sifting of flakes,Automatic flake sorting, Removal of low-density polymers (cups) by density differences ,Hot-wash,Caustic wash, and surface etching, maintaining intrinsic viscosity and decontamination,  etc .

We can note some thing about terylene that water is formed as by-product of the condensation of the monomers to form the respective polymers. It  can be made by the condensation polymerization of benzene-1, 4-dicarboxylic acid or we can say terephthalic acid  with ethane-1,2-diol in the presence of an acid which works as a catalyst . For the safety purpose Commentary published in environmental health perspectives in in April 2010 suggested that PET might yield endocrine disruptors under conditions of common use and also  recommended research on this topic. Proposed mechanisms include leaching of antimony as well as leaching of phthalate.


Terylene has good mechanical strength up to 175 degree centigrade.retaining its crease for so long that it is assume that the crease is retained permanently,Terylene is is so soft,so it is easy to handle and maintain. Because of it’s low melting points that is from 50 to 80 degree centigrade  a fully aliphatic polyester are not of much industrial importance in case of introducing aromatic rings into the polyester chain which gives  a remarkable rise in the melting point of polyesters which is produced due to resistant to heat and moisture and also unattached by many chemicals.


Terylene has so many uses in the market it is used to make dresses  it is used for making boat sails.By adding other chemicals terylene can be of different colour so it can make different colour clothes.  To making textile fibers it is highly used.It has wrinkle resistance and high stretch resistance. For making films which are used in the manufacture of magnetic recording tapes aluminium sheets for certain applications this is an important element. It makes the the chemical industry more advance.If we will use advance technique in this preparation we get more effective product.

Question answer:

Q1: after evaluation the value of E?

Ans: 1·22 × 1012dyn/cm2

Q2; Give two application of terylene?

Ans: in making films and clothes.

Q3;which are used in textile industry?

Ans: Nylon and Terylene.

Q4: At what tempereture mechanical strength is high?

Ans:  175 degree centigrade.

Q5: give a practical example of polyester?

Ans: Terylene.

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    TERELYNE is one of the widely used chemical. This post explains the preparation of terelyne ,applications etc. This can be read as a complete notes of Terelyne !!!!

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