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Sitting on Rank 4 in our list of the best IAS coaching institutes in Ahmedabad is Utthan Coaching and Career Academy (UCCA) Ahmedabad. Stakeholders at UCCA, rightly regard UPSC Civil Services Examinations as the ‘mother of all written examinations in India.’ This mindset enables the management at UCCA to understand the gravity of the task under consideration and plan their approach accordingly. The Academy has succeeded in guiding the aspirants from Ahmedabad in the rightest of ways and has helped several among them to realise and live their dreams of holding a coveted post in the bureaucracy of India. Thus, a correct mindset and a subsequently correct approach towards the UPSC Civil Services Examination training makes UCCA one of the best IAS coaching institutes in Ahmedabad.

Rank 4 IAS Coaching in Ahmedabad – Best IAS Coaching in Ahmedabad

The institute also has the provision of an online test series. This means that the students can assess where they truly stand in the thick of things. It is necessary for any UPSC IAS aspirant to detect the chinks in his/her armor and work accordingly to eliminate those discrepancies which could otherwise prove fatal. Also, one needs to get the hang of the competition from time to time and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. Thus, a good online test series from UCCA means that the IAS aspirants are constantly in touch with that competitive atmosphere and get to know where they actually belong amidst some of the topmost and most dedicated IAS aspirants. This is one of the prime reasons, students prefer UCCA and it is often regarded as one of the best IAS coaching institutes in Ahmedabad, if not the best.

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About Rank 4 IAS Coaching in Ahmedabad – Best IAS Coaching Center in Ahmedabad.

The material provided by UCCA is in accordance with the latest UPSC syllabus as well and extreme care is given to design these notes and materials as per the exact requirements of the aspirants. The think tank at UCCA realizes the need of being in constant touch with the hottest trends in the field of UPSC Civil Services Examination and thus refining the contents of its material accordingly.


Utthan Coaching and Career Academy (UCCA) has for quite some time now believed that a staggering disparity exists between what’s taught to the students at university level and what’s actually required to do well in UPSC Civil Services Examination. Having realized the required ingredients for the perfect recipe, UCCA has made sure that it gives everything to its students so that they could do exceedingly well in their examinations. Thus, UCCA offers a major advantage to its students by offering what’s really required, in the process cutting out the unnecessary parts from the content.

UCCA quite frankly offers a pretty amazing infrastructure. There are photos and images of the institute and its classrooms posted on the official website of the Academy, which shows that the surroundings being offered by UCCA to its students for preparations is quite positive. The classrooms are well-planned, designed and furnished. Each of the classrooms has the most recent technological tools installed so as to make the teaching-learning process a lot more efficient. It also helps in speeding up the pedagogy, but at the same time, ensures that each and every student gets the complete gist of the topic and doesn’t get entangled merely in the bookish aspect of things.

Details of Rank 4 IAS Coaching in Ahmedabad – Top IAS Coaching in Ahmedabad

Address – 351, Titanium City, Center Mall,100 ft Anand Nagar Road, Nr, Sachin Tower, Satellite, Ahmedabad – 380015

Contact number – 079 – 26934460, 9512780618

Email ID – info@ucca.co.in

The faculty at UCCA is well-seasoned as well and is capable enough to take its students all the way to success. Even though most of the subjects at the Academy are handled by Sudhanshu Sir, one can be very sure that the other faculty members are equally competent and possess a deep understanding of the subjects they handle. A decent faculty base contributes significantly in making UCCA one of the top-notch IAS coaching institutes in Ahmedabad.

The batch size at UCCA is quite small as well. Each batch on an average contains 15-17 which makes the classrooms less congested and at the same time makes the teaching-learning process a lot more neat and enjoyable. Each student gets the personal attention and care of his/her faculty and therefore, is in a better position to know what actually works and what doesn’t as far as UPSC Civil Services Examinations are concerned. It also means that a student can contact his/her teacher easily and without any hesitation in order to seek counseling and assistance in case the motivation levels drop. Thus, a nice and fruitful teacher-student dynamic makes UCCA one of the most prominent IAS coaching institutes in Ahmedabad.

If one goes through the website of the institute, one would realize that UCCA is blessed with a really dedicated management. The materials for study and the required current affairs along with necessary analysis are provided on the website which makes the entire preparation journey a lot more lucid and interactive. Query portals are regularly checked and the queries if any are entertained and answered timely. All in all, at UCCA, one is bound to get a really supportive and dedicated management, which is a huge positive.

Mock interview sessions are also conducted at UCCA to give the candidates a taste of the reality. There’s no doubt that along with the written parts, the interview portion is equally tricky and constant practice is required to go past it successfully. Thus, by holding mock interview sessions, UCCA prepares its students to face the challenge boldly and eventually, get past it.


UCCA doesn’t offer much in terms of the past results. With the kind of approach followed by the Academy, one has enough reasons to believe that UCCA is only going to improve. But until then, it still needs to put in more dedicated efforts.

Sudhanshu Sir handles a majority of the subjects at UCCA, which is a negative. Also, the details and qualifications about other faculty members isn’t provided as well.

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