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Rank 6 IAS Coaching in Ahmedabad comes under top IAS coaching in Ahmedabad.

Rank 6 IAS Coaching in Ahmedabad – Best IAS Coaching in Ahmedabad

On Rank 6th, we have one of the oldest players in the field of IAS coaching institutes in Ahmedabad, Navneet Institute. Established in 1985, by Mr. Navneet has gained much fame and repute owing to its impressive record in guiding students not just for UPSC Civil Services Examination but for other prestigious examinations such as IELTS etc. as well. Longevity has been one of the key components in the success of Navneet Institute. In addition to it, the institute has a vibrant leader in the form of Mr. Navneet whose innovative approach towards teaching, mentoring and preparing students for IAS examinations has made Navneet Institute, one of the very best in Ahmedabad.

Details of Rank 6 IAS Coaching in Ahmedabad – Top IAS Coaching in Ahmedabad

Address: 101-102 Prarthana Complex Opp. Dinesh Chambers, Bapunagar,Ahmedabad -380024
Mobile: +91 9898999012, +91 7818939492
Email: info@navneet-institute.com


Established in 1985, Navneet Institute has tons of experience under its belt. It goes without saying that such a tremendous amount of experience is one of the key factors responsible for the success of Navneet Institute. The institute has always kept a close look on the trends and practices prevalent in a particular period of time and has molded its pedagogy accordingly. Over the years, Navneet Institute has become increasingly aware about the demands of the IAS aspirants and has done its best to offer only what’s best for its students. Thus, owing to a tremendous reserve of experience, Navneet Institute walks in as one of the best IAS coaching institutes in Ahmedabad.

The infrastructure at Navneet Institute is more than decent as well. The classrooms even though not much over the top and extravagant and well above par. They are installed with the latest audio/video teaching modes so as to ensure that the teaching-learning process becomes way more enjoyable, efficient and fruitful. The general ambience at the institute is pretty good as well. It enables a student to be in a positive mindset, so that he/she can approach the preparations in the best possible manner.

Rigorous skimming is conducted for the selection of faculties at Navneet Institute, to ensure that the future of the students is entrusted in the best of hands only. Each member on the teaching staff has considerable experience in his/her area of interest. Being well-seasoned in the subjects they handle, the faculties at Navneet Institute offer what’s accurate and precise, which ensures that the IAS aspirants get exactly what’s required to handle an examination of such stature.

Study Materials
The quality of study materials offered by Navneet Institute is quite good as well. Care is given to notice any change, even if minor, by UPSC in its syllabus. Focus is laid on refining the contents of the study material with the change in curriculum. Current affairs along with relevant analysis is provided so as to guarantee that students don’t miss out on anything significant taking place around them. The objective of the management is to make the content as student-friendly as possible so that proper assimilation of information can take place.

Batch Size
The batch size at Navneet is pretty ideal. With 15-20 students per batch, the environment feels pretty and less congested. Everything goes on smoothly in the classrooms and a favorable student-teacher dynamic is established. The faculty is able to attach personal attention and care to almost each of its students. This means that the students remain under the guidance of their teachers constantly and get feed-backs as to how and which way their preparation is headed. It makes it easy for one to detect any faults in one’s line of approach towards the UPSC Civil Services Examination and rectify it, in order to reap rich dividends at the time of final exams.

Test Series
The institute has its offline test series which may not give as accurate results as some of the other all-India test series do, but still is quite potent and relevant. The pattern and the framework of the test series has undergone constant modifications so as to remain relevant at every stage. Being in the industry for such a considerable period of time helps as well. It enables one to understand the shortcomings in one’s setup and rectify them in order to make them more suitable for the aspiring bureaucrats. The Institute focuses significantly on assessing its students timely in order to know their progress. It encourages the students to check their position among some of the most dedicated IAS aspirants themselves and improve themselves as much as they can.

Vibrant Leadership
As already mentioned above, Navneet Institute has a dynamic leader in the form of Mr.Navneet at its nucleus. Mr. Navneet handles a couple of subjects at the institute himself and in addition tries to guarantee that a smooth flow is maintained in the preparation of the students. Sessions dedicated to motivation and personality development are conducted at times as well so to keep the aspirants occupied and in a sound state of mind. Such a vibrant leadership is bound to help the fortunes of any coaching institute as it has helped Navneet’s.

About Rank 6 IAS Coaching in Ahmedabad – Best IAS Coaching Center in Ahmedabad.


Past Results
Remarkable past results are the hallmark of any successful and reputed coaching institute, in any field. It gives us an idea about the credibility and substance of that particular coaching institute. Without taking anything away from staggering longevity and subsequent achievements of Navneet Institute, one needs to admit that a lot of positive work could still be done in this area. Unlike other prominent IAS coaching institutes in Ahmedabad, the official website of Navneet Institute doesn’t brag about any spectacular past results or achievements as such. No one’s saying that Navneet Institute has awfully terrible past results, however , it can be commented that the Academy can still do a lot of positive work in this avenue.


All in all, owing to a superior field experience Navneet Institute has a lot of positives and is one of the best IAS coaching institutes in Ahmedabad.

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