Reforms have to grow up

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Reform is the introduction of new amendments into the existing framework for the improvement.Reform means the improvement or amendment of what is wrong, corrupt, unsatisfactory, etc. The use of the word in this way emerges in the late 1700’s and is believed to originate from Christopher Wyvill’s Association movement which identified “Parliamentary Reform” as its primary aim.Reform is generally distinguished from revolution.

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Reformation at present is the necessity of the time, it should be apply on the existing framework of the society.India marked it’s presence in each and every field but still we are developing in many aspects. It’s peak time that the nation should take firm steps for the betterment. Now, it is the time we should make actions rather than only empty words for the reformation. Reformation includes the amendments in the existing structure of the system. Now we are in a situation of huge crisis and GDP rate is below 7%. Some bold steps like implementation of GUST, Direct income tax bill,FDI and many more . In a hugely populated country like India implementing Lokpal bill it’s not an easy task but it will surely reduce the black money. How many of us cote the exact salaries at the time of tax payment.

Reforms are necessary and should be done keeping in mind the futuristic aspirations of the nation, youth etc., the reforms may include anything it may vary from social,
Economic, political etc. so that the breaks on economy etc. should be shattered away.

So in-short reforms should have to grow up and it’s our duty as well for the government to see whether the implementation of the proposed reforms is going in a proper way or not.

Reformation is the demand of the current situation in every sector. India needs reformations for it’s betterment. we as an individuals also make changes in our moral values to suit the reformation .

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