Is AAP in right direction of fulfilling its commitment towards voters of Delhi.

Tushar Kumar 12:36 pm

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Is AAP in right direction of fulfilling its commitment towards voters of Delhi.

AAP well known as Aam Admi Party came to existence on basic ground of fight Against corruption. From Movement of Anna Hazare . Arvind Kejriwal with few supporters like Prashant Bhushan , Manish Sisodia and few more names came together to form a party. Party went for Delhi election for first time and did well enough to challenge mighty Congress & BJP.Arvind Kejriwal had become voice of People against Politicians and Corporate. Big Corporate houses credibility were being done public by Arvind Kejriwal  On other front Prashant Bhushan was showing his talent in court room to validate claims of Arvind Kejriwal. Every thing was going fine till Corporates started filling pinch of Arvind Kejriwal.

Suddenly few outsiders from few TV channels got entry at AAP in lieu of media coverage for AAP at time of Lok Sabha and , its place where Arvind Kejriwal Compromised. Corporate Poached Media Honchos to AAP and that started enough of Problem inside AAP and Corporates got relieved. Recently internal fight has started in AAP and I do not think AAP is doing justice with citizens of Delhi.

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I think Honchos of AAP should sit together and discuss problem internally , I have heard that AAP has few investigation Journalist iof national fame then they should take responsibility of self check as they are answerable to People of Delhi.

We as residents of Delhi fee to be cheated after allegations and allegations which are coming up every day.

I think AAP should investigate this internal Poaching.

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