UPSC 2017 third topper from Apti Plus

Sachin Gupta AIR 3 UPSC 2017 toppers strategy

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Sachin Gupta AIR 3 UPSC 2017.

A mechanical engineer from Thapar University Punjab is 2nd in top three toppers from Haryana. In 2016 Sachin secured rank 575

Sachin Gupta is said to have read with Insight IAS and Apti Plus both. Teachers from both institute have guided 3 rank holder .

This will increase value of Insight IAS in our list of best ias coaching of delhi and Apti plus which is already at top of ranking from past 3 years in kolkata will boost its stand.

Its also matter of great concern for big advertisers like Rau IAS study circle , Vajiram & Ravi , Vision IAS. From where huge marketing budget will come. who will be in tomorrows paper add.

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Sachin Gupta AIR 3 UPSC 2017 toppers strategy
Sachin Gupta AIR 3 UPSC toppers strategy. Where civil services AIR 3 took coaching. How Sachin Gupta Prepared for IAS. Which subjects did Sachin Gupta choose for Optional.

We will soon update How many coachings have claimed of guiding Sachin Gupta. From Delhi to Kolkata and Bangalore as well.

This is proud moment for every teacher who taught Sachin and Sachin Gupta has been acknowledging even his crow from he learnt to dare. Thats greatness.

By evening I feel this student of many teachers will be claimed by more than 10 coachings. We will keep counting.



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