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ME- 401E

Max. marks- 100                                                                                                Max. time- 3 hours

NOTE: Attempt any five questions. Each question carry 20 marks.

Q.1  (a) what are the main components of automobile. Give brief description of each components.

            With neat sketch diagrams.

        (b) Explain in detail:

        (i) firing order

        (ii) power balancing                                                                                                         [10,10]

Q.2  Explain the principle of operation and constructional details of a typical differential unit. Also

        explain multi plate clutch type traction control device.                                                          [20]

Q.3  (a) What are the aspects which are not valid in respect of disc brakes when compared to drum


        (b) Give function and constructional detail of Tyre with diagrams.                                   [10,10]

Q.4  Explain steering geometry in brief. Also derive an expression for kingpin inclination.            [20]

Q.5  Explain the following in brief:

       (a) power steering

       (b) rack and pinion steering mechanism

       (c) vickers system

       (d) self righting torque                                                                                                            [20]

Q.6  (a) What are the objectives and need of a gear box. also explain sliding mesh type gear box in


        (b) What are the function and requirement of propeller shaft. explain in detail.               [10,10]

Q.7  (a) Explain the principle of friction clutch. what are the clutch lining and friction materials used

        in friction clutches.

        (b) Give introduction and description of different components of transmission system.   [10,10]

Q.8  Explain any four from the following in brief:

       (a) multifuel automobile

       (b) universal joints

       (c) fluid flywheel

       (d) hydraulic brakes

       (e) cone clutch

       (f) centrifugal clutch.                                                                                                              [20]

Q.9  Give brief description of constructional details and working of four stroke I.C engine. Also

       explain lately developed overhead camshaft.                                                                         [20]

Q.10  (a) Explain the objective and principle of suspension system. Also differentiate between

          double tube damper,single tube damper and lever arm type damper.

          (b) Explain the following terms in detail:

           (i) direct action vacuum servos

           (ii) power operated brakes

           (iii) rear suspension live axle

           (iv) brake efficiency.                                                                                                      [10,10]

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  3. Sounak Ghosh says:

    Automobile engineering is a growing aspect in todays world because of the steady growth of the automobile industry.This sample paper covers the course and is really very good for the automobile engineering students.

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  5. Sanjana Kumari says:

    Automobile Engineering has driven the interests of everyone towards it. On one hand Youngsters are crazy about making stylish models where on other hand government want the experts to work on the models that can control pollution….which is a major problem today. In short there is a lots of opportunities in this field and this set of questions is really helpful for the same.

    • Deepshikha Bisaria says:

      Automobile engineering is a very important and a little tough subject. I hope every mech engineer knows this. And by solving this question paper of Automobile engineering will help all the students to score good marks and he has also provided with the links that are very beneficial

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    This sample paper has covered almost all the topics of automobile engineering which is helpful for the students. So must go through this article.

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    AUTOMOBILE sector is very good for those people who keep interested on driving sector ,above question are important .

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    Automobile engineering is one of interesting career place for an engineering aspirants as it is in demand because of increasing number of vehicles and transport nowadays.
    Questions present on this page will be fruitful for the students during preparation of the paper.

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    Automobile Engineering Sector is the driving sector now. It is really nice to know and help other people know about the pattern and the types of questions that they may get to prepare themselves for the future.

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    This article contains sample paper of automobile engineering. These few important questions can really guide the students who has opted this subject .

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    I admire the work done by the editor of the post as of posting the answers with the questions .this would be surely helping the students who are interested in automobile sector. This set would be surely helping the mechanical students to improve their knowledge upon the subject.

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    This post consist of all important questions about automobile engineering. This could be helpful for the students who wish to prepare themselves for the exam …..

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