Sample Paper- Dynamics of machine

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Note: All Questions are compulsory

Subject name- Dynamics of machine (ME-202E)                                Time- 3 hour                                                                                      Maximum marks 100                                                          minimum required marks- 40

Q. 1.(a) What do you mean by the term flywheel?                                                   5 marks

(b) The Torque developed by an engine is given by the equation T=14250+2500sin2Q       8 marks -1800cos2Q. Where T is torque in Newton- in and 0 is crank angle displacement from inner dead position. The resisting torque is uniform throughout the  work cycle. The coeff. of speed of fluctuation is .01. The engine speed is 150 rpm. A solid steel disc, 50 mm thick, is used as flywheel. The mass density of steel used is 7800kg per metre cube.

(c) Drive an expression for the stress produced in the                                             7 marks

rim of flywheel due to the centrifugal force.

Q.2.What is the purpose of the Governor?Name two types of governor.                  5 marks

Q.3. Gyroscopic couple and Processional motion?                                                   5 marks

Q.4.(a) What is chain drive and how it is classified?                                                  8 marks

(b) Differentiate between Belt,Rope and chain.                                                         7 marks

Q.5.(a) Displacement analysis of plane mechanisms- graphical

and analytical methods.                                                                                              10 marks

(b) A shaft carries four weights A,B,C and D of 12, 20, 30  and 16 kg respectively spaced 18 cm apart measuring anticlockwise from A,B 240 degree, C is 135 degree and D is 270 degree. The radii are 12, 15, 6 and 18 cm and speed of shaft is 120 ipi. Find the magnitude and direction relative to the A of result moment at a plane midway between those of A and B.        10 marks

6.(a) Types of cams and follower.                                                                                 5 marks

6.(b) Displacement, velocity and acceleration diagrams for cam followers                    8 marks

(c) Enumerate various types of cams and draw a line diagram of each type.                7 marks

Q 7.Concepts of friction and wear related to bearing and clutches?                             5 marks

Q. 8. With the help of diagram show a right angle for quarter turn drives.                      5 marks

Q. 9. Define and explain the terms: binary joint, ternary joint and Quaternary joint.         5 marks

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