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West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WBBSE) is a government of  West Bengal body responsible for conducting the Madhyamik examinations (standard 10th) examination in West Bengal.  The curriculum consists of Hindi, English, Bengali, Nepali, Urdu, Telugu, Mathematics, Physical Science, Life Science, Geography, History and Computer Applications. In this section, we have provided a sample paper for class 9 geography which covers questions from all the topics and according to the original exam pattern.

Scheme of Examination

Geography sample paper

Geography, Madhyamik Examination

Full Marks : 90
Time : 3 Hrs
Subject : Geography

Q1. The circumference of the earth is about 40000/80000/100000 km?
Ans. 40000 km

Q2. The sped of rotation of the earth at the equator is 1580 km/hr or 1630 km/hr or 1700 km/hr?
Ans. 1630 km/hr

Q3. Earthquake shocks are recorded by Richter Scale/Seismograph/Seismology?
Ans. Richter Scale.

Q4. Give an example of cultural resource?
Ans. Education

Q5. Name the state which leads in coal production in India?
Ans. Jharkhand.

Q6. State the effects of the revolution of Earth ?

Ans. i) Idea of a year formed: One complete revolution gives us the idea of the year. It is major unit of time.
ii) Occurrence of seasons: The variation in the length of days and nights produces different temperature conditions. Thus it becomes the cause of the occurrence of seasons.
iii) Variation in the length of day and night: The inclination of the earth’s axis at angle and the revolution of the earth together bring about the variation in the length of day and night.

Q7. What are the characteristics and usage of igneous rock?

Ans. i) Igneous rocks are formed by cooling and solidification of hot molten lava and magma.
ii) They are compact , massive and crystalline.
iii) They do not contain any fossil.
iv) They contain several kinds of minerals, though they are not rich in mineral resources.

Q8. Describe the rivers of Bangladesh ?

Ans. Bangladesh is a land of rivers. The Padma, Meghna, Jamuna and their tributaries and distributaries together form the drainage pattern. The Karnaphuli river of Chittagong deserves mention.

Q9. What do you know about the deflection of planetary winds?

Ans. Planetary winds are the prevailing winds. They flow permanently from high pressure belts to low pressure belts. For this they are also known permanent winds. These winds do not blow in a straight line from the south to the north or form the north to the south. They change their direction of flow due to the rotation of the earth. In the northern hemisphere, they deflect to the right while in the southern hemisphere, they deflect to the left. This rule is known as Ferrel’s Law.

Q10. What are the causes for the uneven distribution of population in India?

Ans. Physical Factors : The physical factors are the gifts of nature. They influence much for the distribution of population.

i)Difference in relief: The relief of the country exerts immense influence in the population distribution of a country. Extremely rugged topography associated with thick forest-cover do not encourage settlement as in the Himalayas and in the north-eastern hilly states of India. But the river valleys with alluvial plains provide easy livings for which the population is high

ii)Influence of soil: Agriculture depends on soil condition. The fertility of soil determines the cultivation of crops. Thus the living and subsistence of the people depend on soil condition.

Cultural Factors : These factors are man-made and also known as non-physical factors.

i) Historical and Political factors: After the partition of Bengal, when the Indian independence was achieved, the population of West Bengal grew up rapidly due to the influx of the people from the other side of Bengal.

ii) Development of industries: It also attracts population. A few decades ago, there was very low population in Durgapur region ; but with the development of industries , the population has been increased steadily.

Q11. Why is South India more advanced in hydel power generation?

Ans. i) Potential flow of water: Rivers of South India flow over the plateaus which have rather swift flow; They contain potential power for the generation of hydroelectricity.

ii) Industrial Demand: Almost all the states of South India have developed industry. They need much power for high demand for power people look for hydel power development.

iii) Favorable dam building facilities: Ancient and hard plateau character of the land of south India offer facilities to build up dam and embankment which can hold water of the rainy season in the reservoirs.

Q12. what are the factors behind the growth of Chotonagpur Industrial Complex?
Ans. i) Availability of mineral and power resources
ii) Availability of forest products.
iii)Abundant supply of power from hydel and thermal plants.
iv) A good network of transport system.
v) Availability of cheap labour.
vi) Heavy demand and lucrative market.

Q13. Write short notes on
i. Apehelion and Perihelion
ii. Sedimentary Rocks

Ans. i) Apehelion and Perihelion: As the earth moves round the sun in an elliptical path, the distances between sun and the earth vary in course of movement. On about July 4, the distance is farthest and it is about 152 million km, on this date the earth is known to be in Apehelion. On about January 3, the distance is least and it is about 147 million km, on this date the earth is known to be in Perihelion . The average distance between the sun and the earth is about 150 million km. The earth travels round the sun at an average speed of 30 km per second.

ii) Sedimentary rock: Sedimentary rocks are formed by the worn-out sediments of previous rocks. The primary rocks are worn down by the different natural agents. The fragment of rocks and sediments are brought down by the glacier, river, stream, wind etc. and they are subsequently deposited in layer on the sea-bed, In time, owing to pressure of their own layers, heat of the interior and the chemical reaction of lime, these layers of sediments undergo solidification and cementation to form hard rocks. Thus the sedimentary rocks are formed in layers of sediment and they are also known as stratified rocks. A layer of sedimentary rocks rests upon another layer. The plane or the surface which separates one layer of sedimentary rock from another is known as bedding plane.



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