sample paper for class XI

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sample paper class xi or Board questions for class 11

sample paper for class xi

sample paper for class xi and question paper for class 11


Sample Paper for xi – 2013
Class – XI
Subject –

Maximum Marks-100                                                                                                      Time:3 Hours    sample paper for class XI 

Below is sample paper for class xi and these questions for class 11 can be asked in Board Paper of class xi

General instructions:

(i)                  All the questions are compulsory.

(ii)                Question Nos. 1 to 10 contain 1 mark each, Question Nos. 11 to 22 contain 4 marks each and  Question Nos. 23 to 29 contain 7 marks each. sample paper for class XI


SECTION-A (1 X 10 =10)

1.  A={x: x is an integer , –}, write in  A roster form.


2. If A={-1,1}, Find A x A x A.

3. If  f(x) = — , write its domain and range.


4 Express   in the form of  a + ib .


5 Find the 20th  term of  ,………………


6 Find the equation  of straight line passing through (1,5) and origin.


7  Solve :  4x + 2


8  Find the length of  the radius of the circle x2 + y2 – 4x –8y – 45 = 0


9   How many triangles can be obtained by joining 12 points, five of which are collinear?


10  Find the probability of getting a prime number when a die is thrown once.


SECTION-B   (4 X12 =48)


11     If X={1,2,3,4……………….15}and A={2,4}, B={3,4,10,12,15}.

Find  (A)׳  — ( A׳B׳  )


In a survey, it was found that 21 people liked apple,26 people liked banana and 29 liked mango. If 14 people liked apple and banana, 12 people liked apple and mango, 14 people liked mango and banana and 8  liked  all the three.(i) Find how many liked mango only. .(ii) Find how many liked banama only.



12.  Prove that cos2 A + cos2 B – 2 cos A cos B cos (A+B) = sin2 (A+B).


 Prove that cot x cot 2x– cot 2x  cot 3x – cot 3x cot x = 1


13. IF of 600 students in a school, 150 students were found to be taking tea and 225 taking coffee, 100 were taking both tea and coffee. Find how many students were taking neither tea nor coffee?


Find the general solution cos 3x +cos x—cos2x = 0


14  If ( x + iy)3= u + iv , then show that (u/x)+(v/y) = 4 (x2 – y2)


15  Find the equation to the set of points  which are equidistance from the points (1,2,3) and (3,-2.1)


16  How many words , with or without meaning, can be formed  from the letter of the word MONDAY, assuming no letter is repeated , if (i) 4 letters are used at a time?(ii) All letters are used at a time?


17. The coefficient of 5th, 6th ,7th terms in the expansion of (1+x)n are in A.P find n.



18  Find the value of  ‘k’ , line passing through the point (-2,3)  and ( k,1) perpendicular

to the 4x-3y + 7 = 0.


19.  Find the equation of a circle with centre (2, 2) and passes through the point (4, 5).


Find the derivative of :   (cos x)/(1+sin x)


20 (a)Change the following statement into contra positive and converse

“ I go to a beach when ever it is a sunny day.”

(b) Identify the quantifier and write the negation of the statement.

For every real number x ,x is less than x + 1..


21  Solve Prove: (cos x + cos y)2 + ( sin x – sin y)2 = 4 cos 2


22  If the pth, qth  and  rth terms of a G.P. are a, b and c respectively. Prove that  aq-p b r-p  cp-q =1


The sum of two numbers is 6 times their geometrical means, show that the numbers are in the ratio           (3 + 2√2) : (3 – 2√2) .


SECTION-C  ( 6 X 7= 42 )

23. Calculate Mean, Variance and Standard Deviation for the following distribution

classes30-40  40-5050-6060-7070-8080-9090-100

frequency       3                7             12           15             8                3              2



24. Graphically solve the following system of linear inequations

3x + 2y

x + 4y   80


y ≥ 0

25. Find the image of  the point (3,8) with respect to the line x + 3y = 7 assuming the line to be a plane mirror.


Find the equation of the ellipse whose centre is (0,0), major axis on the y-axis and passes through the point (3,2) and ( 1,6 ).


26. Prove the following by using Principle of Mathematical Induction

41n – 14n  is divisible by 27 for every natural number n.


27. If cos x  = -(1/3)  , x in 3rd  quadrant, find the value of  sin(x/2)  cos (x/2)  tan(x/2).


28.  A box contains 10 red marbles, 20 blue marbles and 30 green marbles. % marbles are drawn  from the box, what is the probability that (i) all will be blue ? (ii) at least one will be green?


29.  Prove that the coefficient of xn in  (1 + x)2n is twice the coefficient of xn in (1 + x) 2n–1





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