Sample Paper For Industrial Engineering exam

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Sample Paper For Industrial Engineering exam described with this page learn the concept and principal of Industrial Engineering and gain the Sample Paper For Industrial Engineering exam.

Introduction of Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineerin is the Branch of Engineering which aim to increase the Productivity and Efficiency of the industry.It is also called the Manufacturing Engineering.The aim of this field is to integrate people, machines, material, energy, and information to enhanch the productivity and efficiency of the industry.

Sample Paper For Industrial Engineering exam Described As-

Sample Paper For Industrial Engineering exam

Industrial Engineering exam

Q.1  what are the methods of inventory control and Explain the different  types of production ?

Q.2  Discuss the different steps in method study and also explain its procedure ? Explain partial productivity, total factor productivity and explain the factors that affect the productivity ?

Q.3 What is inventory and  Write the names of about four inventory management  software and describe their  working ?

Q.4 What is inventory turnover ratio , time study observation , Time formulas and standard data and what are the methods to remove the error in time measurement ?

Q.5 Describe the inventory valuation ? What is just in time techniques , Manufacturing resource planning , production control and total quality control ?

Q.6 Explain briefly the Motion time method and predetermined motion time system and their principles ? Explain the industrial economic and management ?

Q.7 Define the Inventory tracking , cost accounting , classification of cost , activity based costing and explain it ?

Q.8 What are Engineering statistics and Quality control , method design and development , worker – machine interface? Explain briefly.

Q.9 Define and explain Replenishment Action Report ?

Q.10 Explain briefly

  •  Economic order quantity
  •  Absolute quantity
  •  Safety stock level
  •  Order point

Q. 11 Explain the concept of industrial engineering and What are its objectives  and activities ?

Q. 12 What are the techniques of Industrial engineering and explain the six standard phase of industrial engineering ?

Q.13  What is the role of industrial engineering in Industries and what are the optimization rule for  industrial engineering concept ?

Q.14 What is ergonomics  and its approach and application ?

Q.15  what is Anthropometric Principles of  industrial engineering ? (5)

Q.16  What is resource utilization ratio , its approach and application ? (5)

Q.17  Explain the bottlenech analysis , rate limiting factor , industrial and logistics Equipment ? (5)

Q.18  What is supply chain management , process planning and control ? (5)

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  1. Ritika Savita says:

    The subject of Industrial Management is a must to know, for every engineer. Industries are a part of evry manufacturing process & products are the things that an industry is solely concerned about. So, it becomes all the more important to peep into Industrial Management.

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