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Institute of Rural Management Anand is one of the premier institute located in Gujarat, which offers various Management programs to the students across the country. Institute of Rural management Anand conducts their own entrance examination for admission to the different courses such as  Rural Management. In this section, find the latest sample paper of IRAM Exam ( Written Exam ) as per the latest syllabus. Questions has been taken from all the vital chapters including all the sections. Still if it contains nay error and improvement please do let us know. You can give your valuable feedback through the comment sections, Any type of feedback will be highly appreciated

 Sample Question Paper for IRMA Exam (Written Examination)

Time Allowed : 2 Hours 10 Minutes

Test 1 – Analytical Reasoning


Q.1.    AKU: AJS :: CRD:?

            A)  BQE             B)  CQB     C) DSB               D)   APC

Ans:    B) CQB.

Q.2.    ICHQ:HCIT :: PMBK:?

            A)        BMYR            B)        BMPN           C)        MBPY            D)        MPBS.

Ans: B) BMPN.

Q.3.    Mania is to Craze as Phobia is to …..

            A)        Desire           B)        Hobbies        C)        Want D)        Fear.

Ans:    D) Fear.

Q.4.    Mermaid is to Fish as Centaur is to

            A)        Horse            B)        Cat                  C)        Unicorn         D)        Deer.

Ans:    A) Horse.

Q.5.    FAILURE is coded as OHRSDYN, SUCCESS will be coded in the same manner as:

            A)  BBNNZZB               B)   BBLJNZB      C)   BLNNZZB                D)   BLNNZBB

Ans:    B) BBLJNZB.

 Q.6.    ‘A’ is the brother of ‘B’, ‘C’ is the sister of ‘B’. How is ‘B’ related to ‘A’.

            A) Cousin          B)   Sister        C) Brother              D)   None.

Ans:    D) None.

Q.7.    Bela is the mother of Chinu and Miki. If kavind is the husband of Miki , what is Bela of Kavind?

            A)        Daughter              B)        Sister                  C)        Mother                                 D)        Mother-in-law.

Ans:    D) Mother-in-law.

 Directions for Q .No 8 to 12:    In each of the questions below, is given  a  statement followed by two  assumptions numbers I and II .An assumption is something supposed or taken for granted .You have to consider the statement and the assumptions and then decide which of the assumptions is implicit in the statement.

Give your Answer as:

A)if only assumption I is implicit.
B)If only assumption II is implicit.
C)If either I or II is implicit.
D)If neither I nor II is implicit.
E)If both I and II are implicit.

Q.8.    Statement   : A advises B – “If you want to study English,
  Join institute Y” .
  Assumptions : I. ’B’ listens to A’s advice.                   
  Assumptions : II. Institute ‘Y’ provides good coaching for English.
Ans: (E).

Q.9.    Statement   : A warning in the train compartment – “To Stop train pull chain. Penalty for improper use is Rs.500.

Assumptions: I. Some people misuse the chain.
Assumptions: II.On certain occasions, people may want to stop a running train.

Ans: (E).

Q.10. Statement   : “If we need to boost our exports, we can’t ignore our ports.

Assumptions :I.   Our ports are in good shape.
Assumptions :II. Our ports are not in good shape.

Ans: (D).

Q.11. Statement   : If you offer peanuts, you get only monkeys.

Assumptions :I. Monkey is not good motivation.
Assumptions :II.Monkey can’t buy everything.

Ans: (D).

Q.12. Statement   :“Buy pure and natural honey of company ‘X’”-An advertisement in the newspaper.

Assumptions : I. No other company supplies pure and Natural honey.
Assumptions : II.People read advertisement.

Ans: (B).

Q.13. a b _ a a _ b b b _ a a a _ b b b a.

A)        b a c b
B)        b a a b
C)        a a a b
D)        a b a b

Ans:  (B)  b a a b.

Q.14.  b _ b _ b b _ _ b b b _ bb _ b.

A)        bbbbba
B)        bbbbbb
C)        ababab
D)        aabaab

Ans: (B) bbbbbb.

Q.15. Fill in the missing letter in the following series- S,V,Y,B,?

A)        C
B)        D
C)        E
D)        C

Ans:    (C) E.

Test 2 – English Comprehension


DIRECTIONS FOR Q.NO.16 to 19:Read the following passage carefully and then answer the questions in the form of conclusion based on the passage.

Mark your answer as:

A)if conclusion is definitely true,
B)if the conclusion is probably true,
C)if the data inadequate to answer,
D)if the conclusion is probably false,
E)If the conclusion is definitely false.

PASSAGE: The only dark cloud in the economic horizon is the rather unsatisfactory foreign exchange and one may hope that the industry will play its role in improving it by contributing to its export. The all round progress of our company is contributing. I am happy to report that during the first half of the current year (April-Sep, 2012), there has been further improvement in its working.

Q.16.  The country is having inadequate foreign exchange reserves.

Ans:    (A)

Q.17.  The current financial year of the company will end on 31stMarch, 2013.

Ans:    (A)

Q.18. In foreign countries, there is no demand for the products manufactured by the company.

Ans:    (C)

Q.19. The Government of the country has asked the company to export its goods.

Ans:    (C)

Q.20. The report is presented by the chairman of the company to  the share holders.

Ans:    (C)

DIRECTIONS FOR Q.NO.21 to 23 : The following sentences are divided  into three portions (A),(B)and(C).Choose the wrong portion of the sentence.

Q.21. A)        Two    B)        of them         C) are  good girls.

Ans:    (A) Both.

Q.22. A)        This is your  B)        final chance C)        to win a prize.

Ans: (B)  Last  Chance.

Q.23. A)        we must       B)        give help      C)        to the poors.

Ans:    (C) to the poor.

Q.24. She is proud ……….. her beauty.

            A)        At       B)        Of       C)        On      D)        About.

Ans:    (C) On.

Q.25. He gave a ring ………. me  yesterday.

A)        For      B)        To       C)        About                  D)  By.

Ans:    (B)  To.

Q.26. He choice  is best …….. the lot.

            A)        Of       B)        From     C) In            D) Off.

Ans:    (A)      Of.

DIRECTIONS for Q.NO. 27 and 23: In the following questions choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the given word.



            A)        Animated     B) Bewildered          C)       Enraptured    D) Illful

Ans:    (C) Enraptured.

Q.28. LAUD

            A)        Lord               B)        Eulogy           C)        Praise                 D)   Extolled.

Ans:    (C) Praise.

DIRECTIONS for Q.NO. 29 and 30:  Find the correctly spell word.


Q.29. A) Satelite        B)   Sattelite            C)   Satellite            D)   Sattellite.

Ans:    (C) Satellite.

Q.30. A) Occasion      B)   Occasion            C)  Occasion          D)    Ocassion.

Ans:    (A) Occasion.


Test 3 – Quantitative Aptitude


Q.31. If x is 90% of y, then what percent of x is y?

A)        90       B)        190     C)        101.1 D)        111.1

Ans:    (D) 111.1

Q.32.  (256)0.16 x (16)0.18 = ?

            A) 4        B)    16            C)   64           D)    256.25.

Ans:    (A) 4

Q.33. A number is as much greater than 31 as is less than 55. The number is

            A)        47       B)        52       C)        39       D)        43

Ans:    (D) 43

Q.34. which of the following is not a prime number?

            A) 37        B)  29         C)      59       D)        77

Ans:    (D) 77

Q.35. x% of x is same as 10% of

            A)        x/10      B)    x2/10      C)   x3/10             D)  None.

Ans:    (B) x2/10.

Q.36. If x:y=3:4, then (7x+3y):(7x-3y)=?

            A)        4:3      B)        5:2      C)        11:3               D)        37:19

Ans:    (C) 11:3

Q.37. If 0.4:1.4:1.4: x, then x=?

            A)        49       B)        4.9      C)        0.49       D)         0.4

Ans:    (B)       4.9

Q.38. If the side of a square is increased by 25%, then its area is increased by:

            A)        25%                B)   40.5%         C)  55%            D)  56.25%.

Ans:    (D) 56.25%.

Q.39. At  3.40, the hour hand and the minute hand of a clock form an angle of:

            A)        1200      B)     1250               C)  1300                        D)        1350

Ans:    (C) 1300.

Q.40. The  sum of all odd numbers between 100 and 200 is

            A)        3750       B)   6200              C) 6500         D)        7500.

Ans:    (D)      7500

Q.41. Find the missing number in the following series:

            4, 6, 12, 14, 28, 30, ?

A)         32         B)        60       C)        62       D)        64.

Ans:    (B) 60.

Q.42. Complete the series:

              13, 35, 57, 79, 911,?

A)        1110   B)        1112              C)        1113              D)        1315

Ans:    (C) 1113.

Q.43. cos 720 – sin 180 =?

            A)        0          B)        1          C)        2 sin 180       D)        None of these.

Ans:    (A) 0

Q.44. The maximum value of sin A + cos A = ?.

            A)        1          B)        2          C)        2.5      D)        0.666

Ans:    (B) 2

Q.45. What is least number which when diminished by 5, is divisible by each one of 21, 28, 36, 45?

            A)        425     B)        1259              C)        1260              D)        1265

Ans:    (D)      1265

Test 4 – Issues of Social Concern

Q.46. What  is the national game of U.S.A?

A)        Cricket          B)        Soccer           C)        Baseball       D)        Billiards.

Ans:    (C) Baseball.

Q.47. National game of Canada is:

A)        Cricket    B)    Football   C)   Ice Hockey            D)   Tennis.

Ans:    (C) Ice Hockey.

Q.48. The first Olympic games were held at Olympia(Greece)  in   the year:

            A)        776 BC          B)  300 BC    C) 872 BC           D)  205 BC.

Ans:    (A) 776 BC.

Q.49. Who came to known as the ‘Grand Old Man of India’ ?

            A) Justice Ranade         B) Mahatma Gandhi                        

        C) Rabindranath Tagore      D) Dadabhai Naoroji.

Ans:    (D) Dadabhai Naoroji.

Q.50.The first split in the congress took place in 1907 at:

            A) Calcutta        B)  Madras              C)   Allahabad       D)        Surat.

Ans:    (D) Surat.

Q.51. The  longest South Indian river is

A)        Mahanadi                B)        Krishna                                                                     C)        Godavari                        D)        Cauveri

Ans:    (C) Godavari.


Q.52. Which  is the most irrigated state in India?

            A) UP      B)   Punjab      C) Haryana            D)    Bihar.

Ans:    (B) Punjab.


Q.53. Which of the following is pollutant as well as protectant.

            A)        CO2     B)        Ozone           C)        CFC     D)        PAN

Ans:    (B) Ozone.


Q.54. Chlorosis in plant is caused by air pollution due to :

A)        CO      B)        NO2                 C)        SO2     D)        hydrocarbons        

Ans:    (C) SO2


Q.55.The residuary powers has been given to the :

A)        State Legislatures B)        Union Parliament

            C)        Both A and B                       D)        Local Bodies

Ans: (B) Union Parliament.


Q.56. Indian constitution envisages a:

A)        Bicameral system
B)        Unicameral system
C)        One party government
D)        Presidential government.

Ans:    (A) Bicameral system

Q.57. One horse power is equal to

A)       546 watt
B)        64 watt
C)        89 watt
D)        746 watt

Ans:    (D) 746 watt.


Q.58. The common balance works on the principle of equality of:

A)        Newton’s law
B)        Buoyancy
C)        Moment of forces
D)        Archimedes.

Ans:    (C) Moment of forces.

Q.59. Indian navy headquarter is situated at:

A)     Delhi
B)        Mumbai
C)        Cochin
D)  Vishakhapatnam

Ans:    (A) Delhi.

Q.60. VAT is imposed

A)   Directly on consumer  
B)   On final stage of production
C)   On first stage of production 
D)   On all stages of production and final sale.

Ans:    (D)      On all stages of production and final sale.

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