Sample Paper-Television Engineering

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Sample Paper-Television Engineering 

Here we have formulated few questions on Television engineering which may be helpful for students for there semester exams or viva , interview questions and answers. We have also tried to figure out , which question will carry how many marks for a paper of 100 marks. This sample Paper-Television engineering will help all stream students




Maximum Marks : 100                                                                                                    Time-3HRS 

All the questions are of 20 marks.

Attempt five questions in all,selecting at least one question from each unit.


1(a) Explain the compatibility between colour and monochrome TV systems.                       7 Marks

(b) What is Interlace Error? What is the process that is used to avoid Interlacing                10 Marks

      and also draw the suitable diagrams

(c)Explain in brief the terms Hue,Saturation and Luminance?                                               3 Marks

2. (a) Explain the demerits of Vestigial Side band Transmission?                                         7 Marks

(b) Explain the receiver control for monochrome and colour televisions.                              5 Marks

(c) Explain channel bandwidth for colour signal transmission.                                              8 Marks


3(a) Explain in brief the block diagram of a monochrome TV receiver.                             10 Marks

(b) Explain an electron multiplier structure used in camera tube.                                      5 Marks

(c) Draw the neat and clean diagram of Transmitting and Receiving antenna.                 5 Marks

4(a) Explain an Orthicon Camera Tube.                                                                           10 Marks

(b) Explain in brief the block diagram of an TV Transmitter.                                              5 Marks

(c) Write in brief about the terms Beam Deflection and Screen Phosphor.                       5 Marks


5(a) Explain Three colour theory and Subtractive colour mixing.                                    8 Marks

(b) Explain a Precision-in-line (PIL) colour picture tube.                                                7 Marks

(c) Explain the bandwidth requirement for colour Signal transmission.                          5 Marks

6(a) Explain Delta-gun colour picture tube.                                                                   8 Marks

.(b) Explain the block diagram for the production of Luminance and

       colour – diffrence signals.                                                                                       7 Marks

(c) Describe the digital TV Technology and their merits.                                               5 Marks


7(a) Explain a Camcorder with a neat and clean diagram with its applications.            8 Marks

(b) Explain Cable Television covering the aspects of MATV and CATV.                      7 Marks

(c) Explain a direct reception system from a satellite.                                                   5 Marks

8. Write a short note on any of the four of the following topics:

(a) Plumbicon                                                                                                             5 Marks

(b) Yagi Antenna.                                                                                                       5 Marks

(c) Camcorder                                                                                                            5 Marks

(d) HDTV                                                                                                                    5 Marks

(e) Picture phone and Fascimile.                                                                               5 Marks

(f) Projector TV                                                                                                          5 Marks

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