Sample Paper :- Television Engineering

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Sample Paper :- Television Engineering

Paper- ECE 403(E)


Q1  (a) Explain the block diagram of Monochrome Television?

       (b) Explain Interlaced Scanning?

       (c) Compare Television Standards of Monochrome and Colour Television?

sample questions on television engineering

questions on television engineering

Q2  (a) Draw and explain the Cathode Ray Tube?

       (b) What is the frequency used for the Vestigial Sideband Transmission and justify the need                             Post and Pre equalizing pulses?

      (c) Explain the bandwidth requirement for Colour Signal Transmission?


Q3    (a) How does the Interlace Error affect the quality of the picture?

         (b) Compare the Delta gun colour picture tube and Trinitron colour picture tube?

         (c) Explain the merits and demerits of Delta Gun picture tube?

Q4    (a) What type of deflection is used in Orthicon picture tube and explain it?

        (b) Discuss various types of the Transmitting and Receiving antennas?

        (c) Explain in brief the picture tube control circuits with suitable diagrams?


Q5   (a) Draw and explain the encoder and decoder of the NTSC system?

       (b) Why we choose 625 number of scanning lines in the Phase Alternate Line system not 623 or 620?

       (c) Determine the interlace error if the delay is 10 microseconds?

Q6   (a) Compare NTSC, SECAM and PAL systems?

       (b) Explain(any three) :-

 (i) Additive color mixing

(ii) Subtractive color mixing

(iii) Saturation

(iv) Hue or Tint


Q7   (a) Explain the block diagram of :-

(i)  3D-TV

(ii)  Projector TV

(iii) HDTV

(iv) Television via Satellite

      (b) Explain in brief the block diagram of Camcorder and explain in detail the functioning of each  block?

      (c) Explain why Vestigial Sideband is used for transmission of television signals?

Q8 (a) Write a short note on any six :-

(i) Flicker

(ii) Composite Video Signal

(iii) Gross Structure

(iv) Vidicon Camera Tube

(v) Tonal Gradation

(vi) Screen Phosphor

(vii) Plumbicon

   (b) Explain in detail the block diagram of Monochrome Transmitter and Receiver?

   (c) Explain in brief the role of Dynode?


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4 Responses to Sample Paper :- Television Engineering

  1. Akash Chopra says:

    The questions are good and will help the people to tackle any kind of questions. Very versatile paper.

  2. Rachita Mishra says:

    Television engineering is also known as Broadcast engineering which is the field of electrical engineering, and now to some extent computer engineering and information technology, which deals with radio and television broadcasting. the people who are interested they can refer it.

  3. Fauzia Neshat says:

    questions in this sample paper are really good.. it will be helpful for the student

  4. priyanka nayak says:

    Television engineering covers a wide range of video engineering and motion pictures. The sample papers given here are a quit necessity as this department of engineering remains untouched by many aspirants.

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