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Sample Question Paper of Basic Electronics

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Sample Question Paper of Basic Electronics 

Sample Question Paper of Basic Electronics | Elements of Electronics Engineering

In this Post I have used standard Format that is used by major Engineering Universities across India and abroad. I hope this Sample Question Paper of Basic Electronics shall prove useful for all of you.

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1. Question Paper is divided into 4 sections i.e. A , B , C and D

2. All the Questions Carries Equal marks.

3. Make sure you attempt  5 questions attempting at least 1 from  each section.

Elements of Electronics Engineering

Paper Code: ECE 101-E

Time: Three hours                                                                                        Maximum Marks:100


1. a) Differentiate between P-type and N-type Semiconductors.Also name the doping materials used for their formation?

b) Why Silicon is mostly proffered as a Semiconductor material. Explain by giving at least five reasons ?

2. a) Explain Zener Diode as a Voltage Regulator.

b) Explain LED, the materials chosen for its formation, Working and Draw Voltage-Current Characteristics?

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3. a) Compare Characteristics of Transistors in its Various modes of Operation. Also state which is best Configuration among these.

b) What are  Oscillators? Explain Their types and Principle involved?

4. a)Explain Concept of Feedback in amplifiers?

b) An Amplifier has i/p of 1000 volts and Gain of the amplifier is 20. Of the total O/p 50 % is fed to the I/P as Feedback. Find the Value of Final O/P and also find whether the amplifier will be able to get sustained oscillations or not.


5. a) Explain IC 741 along with its Pin Diagram and ideal Characteristics of Op-amp.

b) In the Circuit Given Below, determine the Output Voltage


Op-amp 741 Circit problem

6. a) Explain op-amp as  Differentiator and Integrator. Also draw the output Waveforms?


7. a) Explain the Enhancement and Depletion mode of JFET along with their Transfer Curves.

b) Explain the working of the Circuit Diagram shown below. Also Give the truth table for this figure.


Mosfet Circuit Diagram

c) What are the basic applications of Mosfet , SCR , TRIAC and UJT.

8)  Write Short notes on:

a. Concept of DC and AC load Line

b. Clipper and Clampers

c. Intrinsic and Extrinsic Semiconductors

d. P/N Junction Diodes and its applications.

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