what is Management Engineering?

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In today’s world , an engineer is asked ,not only to design and construct plants, machinery, and equipment, but also to plan, manage, and control activities and processes in the corporate value chain and to manage technologies along business lines.

Management Engineering is the name commonly given to the industrial engineering,Management Engineers apply many of the same tools and techniques that are used by Industrial Engineers.

Management engineering is required to gain depth knowledge in management principles,while still being able to focus on technical interests.

Graduated students in this field apply their complex knowledge of management and engineering to understand, design,implement and manage complex management systems upon which organizations depend.

Management Engineering program has five components:

  • A Foundation in Management, Engineering, Science and Mathematics
  • Specialized courses in three theme areas:
    • Operations Research and Supply Chain Management
    • Information Technologies
    • Management of Technology
  • Technical Breadth in a Traditional Engineering Discipline
  • A Capstone Design Project
  • A series of Professional Development courses .

MANAGEMENT ENGINEERING enables student to develop  strong analytical and problem solving skills within the framework of complex plans,Technical foundation in a variety of engineering disciplines,Solid training in technical information technology, computers and software systems,Background in key business and management areas.




  • A graduate in Management Engineering finds employment opportunities in a broad range of areas: with manufacturing and service companies, in financial institutions and government agencies and in consultancy.
  • widens your career options towards opportunities for managerial positions
  • enables you to obtain an engineering degree that has the core management topics built-in to it.

Management engineering is thus an attempt to apply practices that are standard in other engineering fields, such as measurements, testing, feedback, control loops, work breakdown structures, and risk mitigation — and apply them appropriately to a business.



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5 Responses to what is Management Engineering?


    Engineering management is a specialized form of management that is concerned with the application of engineering principles to business practice. Engineering management is a career that brings together the technological problem-solving savvy of engineering and the organizational, administrative, and planning abilities of management in order to oversee complex enterprises from conception to completion.
    Example areas of engineering are product development, manufacturing, construction, design engineering, industrial engineering, technology, production, or any other field that employs personnel who perform an engineering function.

  2. Barun Singh says:

    Engineering without Management is like cake without cherry.While your engineering one will learn all the technical stuffs but don’t you think only technical stuff cant run a company.To run a company with technical knowledge one need to have the knowledge of management.

  3. Amit Kumar says:

    You know what they say- MANAGEMENT always rules a firm.
    The world is moving fast. Aint’ it?? In the present market scenario, having just an engineering degree is not gonna work, for sure. If you want to keep the pace with the world, you will to be the best in every possible diplomatic field, or the best will replace you. It may happen that you are exceptionally good in your field but you aint that good in managing your available resources, its of no use. Plus, you will always be guided by some MBA or CA, who is just giving orders sitting in an air conditioned room. Its you who is working hard in the scotching sun and somebody else is taking away the credits. So, nowadays, you should have a management sense also.

  4. Manisha Chawla says:

    This article is best suited for present scenario. As most of the students of present world are interested in doing engineering to learn and develop new technologies. But after completing their engineering when the enter the Incorporate World, they see that their engineering is not worth if they do not have the management skills. The person developing something must also have the capacity to manage it. If a person has both management and engineering capabilities then he/she can be best suited to do any kind of work.

  5. akanksha chaturvedi says:

    yup in such competitive era one needs to be flexible in his/her performance so itz not about engineers to be technically sound anymore they need to manage and perform better and beter

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