what is Management Engineering?

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In today’s world , an engineer is asked ,not only to design and construct plants, machinery, and equipment, but also to plan, manage, and control activities and processes in the corporate value chain and to manage technologies along business lines.

Management Engineering is the name commonly given to the industrial engineering,Management Engineers apply many of the same tools and techniques that are used by Industrial Engineers.

Management engineering is required to gain depth knowledge in management principles,while still being able to focus on technical interests.

Graduated students in this field apply their complex knowledge of management and engineering to understand, design,implement and manage complex management systems upon which organizations depend.

Management Engineering program has five components:

  • A Foundation in Management, Engineering, Science and Mathematics
  • Specialized courses in three theme areas:
    • Operations Research and Supply Chain Management
    • Information Technologies
    • Management of Technology
  • Technical Breadth in a Traditional Engineering Discipline
  • A Capstone Design Project
  • A series of Professional Development courses .

MANAGEMENT ENGINEERING enables student to develop  strong analytical and problem solving skills within the framework of complex plans,Technical foundation in a variety of engineering disciplines,Solid training in technical information technology, computers and software systems,Background in key business and management areas.




  • A graduate in Management Engineering finds employment opportunities in a broad range of areas: with manufacturing and service companies, in financial institutions and government agencies and in consultancy.
  • widens your career options towards opportunities for managerial positions
  • enables you to obtain an engineering degree that has the core management topics built-in to it.

Management engineering is thus an attempt to apply practices that are standard in other engineering fields, such as measurements, testing, feedback, control loops, work breakdown structures, and risk mitigation — and apply them appropriately to a business.



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