Reservation issue is just to get a vote bank??

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Reservation issue is just to get a Vote Bank?

Our preamble of the Indian Constitution says that India is “Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic and Republic” then how can the caste system prevail. Reservation in India is a form of affirmative action designed to improve the well-being of backward and under-represented communities defined primarily by their ‘caste’. Reservation was actually started to improve the life of backward classes mainly Scheduled caste and Scheduled Tribe through an amendment in 1951 for ten years only but subsequently extended for another ten years since then. Not only was this but subsequently it extended to the OBC after Mandal.

Reservation Details

Reservation Details

The initial condition of reservation was acceptable since at the time of independence these SC/ST communities were weaker and exploited, but after so many years of Independence the same criteria of cast does not make sense. This cannot be denied that most people in India are from backward classes. These people have got so many privileges in the past that they are capable enough to survive, exceed and excel.
Reservation also means indirectly the candidates are not suitable for the requirement but its just like “hak jamana” over what options they have. By using this option the growth of the country is minimized & quality is reduced.
Reservation is been taken as an issue by the great politicians to fill their vote banks. They give such a greed to these people that the people just think of their welfare and give vote to them.
Reservations have ensured that voters will increasingly vote their caste when they cast their vote. Caste-reservations have created captive vote banks. In fact it can and has been argued that by creating captive vote banks caste-based reservations have hijacked democracy.
Now reservation in promotion – a new vote bank mantra and they justify why reservation in promotion is required. However all their justifications have no base and just for vote bank. Few of their justification our so called politicians claim.
Many officers are not honest in their assessment of SC/ST people will be low graded and they see that no SC/ST people will be elevated to top post”, Corruptions are more where SC/ST representation is less”, “Where SC/ST people are enjoying work atmosphere there is a best output and the results”, etc all. However, I don’t agree with one of the justifications they do, it’s all for political parties own benefit.
Recently Reservation in Govt. jobs Promotions bill was introduced for SC/ST people. This is another example of third class politics to divide people based upon caste. Where certain people are given benefits based upon caste not their economic conditions.
Rather that doing something better like providing quality education or building infrastructure they are bullying on these backward tactics of “Divide and rule”. .It is ridiculous that the political parties involved in exploiting catechism in the reservation scheme.
Category as per Government of India
Reservation Percentage for each Category as per Government of India

Other Backward Class (OBC)
Scheduled Castes (SC)
Scheduled Tribes (ST)
Physically Disabled (PD)
Total Reservation Percentage 52.5%

Finally, our politicians should stop this dirty game and provide best school, hospitals, roads, water and electricity. Instead of reservation – provide scholarships, special coaching and try to raise the standard instead of playing hatred politics. We should understand all these reservation system is not really helping people who suppose to get the real benefit, rather became an instrument for vote bank on the name of caste. We all are experienced our politicians vote politics and dividing people on the name of caste and religion for the own benefit. So, time to think and vote for development, not caste.

Just think for a moment respect comes from work, not from reservation. Getting something on reservation will make people more inferior and non-competitive.

Let us know your opinion reservation is good or bad.

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22 Responses to Reservation issue is just to get a vote bank??

  1. Anonymous says:
  2. Saswat Nayak says:

    Candidates who did not have the basic minimum marks but were on the borderline were offered admission after spending on year studying preparatory course. They wasted a year as well as felt traumatized due to this preparatory course.In 2012, for the first time there was no need to have a preparatory batch since enough candidates qualified within normal parameters.

  3. Rohit Kumar says:

    I am not completely agreed with this fact that reservation is just an issue of vote bank. These facility are provided to them because as we know that distribution of money is unequal in India. About 25% income of total India is belong to only like Ambani or Tata like family. I do not disagree with this fact that now a days politician are using there caste system as their major vote bank. They are providing facility to a particular caste to get their vote and they ignore the rights of other people. So there is partiality between different caste.

  4. Er Ketan Joshi says:

    These article is really genuine to know the feeling of general caste. If we talk about India is an democratic country so why we need the reservation if an candidate having efficiency to grow in their field so they don’t want any type of reservation to accomplish that position so why need this reservation.
    If our government think that that the reservation system will grow backwards yes backwards were grow but they don’t have any knowledge even then they select for jobs, competitive exams etc , and if it will work like that then how our country will become developed country. But our government know that if they will support backwards people then he count of vote will raise so that the reason they increase the percentage of reservation but they don’t think about our country because if any country having dumb person for work then how the country will grow.
    So , lastly i want to say there will be no reservation were take place if the person have ability then they will automatically select.

  5. Gourav Kumar says:

    Reservation is the good thing for the people who need support and special attention but I don’t think that caste should be the parameter for reservation because then it will be misused. And I believe that politicians use it as their weapon to get votes as they sympathize a particular caste and manipulate them to get their votes.

  6. Urvashi Khanduja says:

    Obviously, reservation issue is just to get a vote bank. Reservation of seats for SC ST caste is very much increased. It increases caste discrimination among us. Politicians takes the advantage of this reservation to earn more and more vote so that they will won the election. They provide reservation for their benefit not for the whole country. Due to reservation, crime is increasing day by day. If it goes on continuously then in nearby future, everyone comes on the road and demands for reservation.

  7. sumit mukherjee says:

    Speaking about reservation in India leads us to the political issues. Reservation is made for them who are neglected, uncultured with respect to our society for a long time. Scheduled caste and scheduled tribe are the main two caste among the entire system. But whenever we are talking this topic in 2013, off course they are not in the same situation as they are in 1951. Government gives them advantages in every sector whether it is educational sector or the placement sector. Now as the government has the power to settle their needs, some of the parties or politicians make use of that power to increase their vote bank and nothing else. And as a result, we are getting what?? Nothing…… Neither we can get a good society nor a quality sector such as medical sector or RND sector etc.

  8. Kriti Das says:

    Reservation is no longer serving its purpose.It was introduced with view of bringing the economically weak and socially backward class on par with rest of the society.But today,it results in deserving candidates being denied an opportunity in education as well as in government service.Reservations in elite institutions like
    IIT’S is the most relevant example,which results in lowering the overall quality of education.Then also we have more and more reservations being introduced every day by authorized people just to increase their vote bank.It is high time that we realize that this reservation policy is not doing any good,not even to the people meant to benefit from it.

  9. shreya sarkar says:

    I am totally against the system of reservation. If reservation was done to promote the backward classes then that has already happened long back. Because of this system of reservation people belonging to the “general” category have to suffer. If our government is so very much concerned about bringing up the socially backward classes or bringing equality then they must support or give privileges only to the financially backward classes be they scheduled class, schedules tribe, other backward classes or the people in general.

  10. Amit Kumar says:

    I encounter this topic every now and then since my school days. Debated and wrote on it several times… in fact a lot among us did so. But of no use. The situation has worsened with 52.5% reserved seats. Dirtiness of politics at its BEST.
    Of course this Reservation thing is merely a new puppet to get more votes just by showing the poor a friendly concern. Politicians have no idea what are they emphasizing upon. If this thing prevails, India will keep witnessing brain-drain and talent will keep moving away from India. This is one of the biggest reasons why Indians EXCEL abroad.

    What politicians are seeking is a license to stay like that forever with reservation!!

  11. sibanjan says:

    reservation is the rule where a place or seat is kept untouched for a specific class…. reservation can be done for any abolished or backward classes…. in present days reservation is a huge issue in indian political scenario.
    presently indian laws and constitution says the percentage of reservation for sc,st, obc,and ph is 52.5%… the the number is still increasing… in every places like jobs, educations , sports , athletics,, reservation is a great issue…indian constitution was formed 62 years .. so here is the question …is 62 years are not enough to elevate a backward class…..
    reservation is needed in indian society. but in some other form…. like reservation according to the financial condition… there are many bramhin families too where children cant go to school due to lack of money… politics is always welcome unless or until it harms the it is the duty of the politicians to think about this issue in a serious manner in spite of thinking only for vote…

  12. SNEHA SINHA says:

    Reservation creates disharmony in the country and divides the people into backward class and affluent class despite the fact that the constitution guarantees equal rights, freedom and justice to all its citizen irrespective of their caste, creed .If there has to be reservation it should be on the basis of economic background rather than on basis of caste…..reservation creates a bridge between people and serves nothing more than as a medium to attract vote….

  13. Saheli Dasgupta says:

    Politicians can do anything to get the vote bank and reservation being a burning topic is a hot cake for them. may be all politicians do not have the same intention but most of them do, they work for their own benefit. we already know about many such corrupt personalities. reservation in my opinion shouldn’t be on the basis of any caste or creed it should be made on a person’s economic background. it is to encourage talent, and talent is never caste-based. when it was introduced it was withe idea that people in the backward classes were less educated and it was a means to encourage them for education and better lifestyle. but that was years ago when India just got its independence. now tables have turned a great deal. now our major issue is balancing the economy between the rich and poor. hence now, reservation based on economic background is much more relevant. there are people who also misuse the quota system. to stop such corruption and encourage education in true sense a reservation is needed but based on the economic background of a person. i agree with the fact stated that it makes people inferior and unproductive, and respect cant be gained that way, true.

  14. preeti nisha says:

    As per the statistics 52.5% is reserved . Reservation is good as it sustains the economic balance but 52.5% is a big deal. Major population in india doesn’t belong to reserved class thus it becomes a great concern for the general class to cope up with situation. Many deserving candidates lag behind just because of this reservation system. The scenario has become such that people have started taking advantage of it which is leading to divide and rule policy in india which is a secular country and to add to it our great politicians are always ready to use these situations and thus it has become an issue of vote bank for them rather than eradicating this system.

  15. Barun kumar singh says:

    Agreed to some extent that reservation issue is just to get a vote bank but after going through these wordily “Reservation also means indirectly the candidates are not suitable for the requirement but its just like “hak jamana” over what options they have” i felt a bit down.One important thing i wanted to share which most of us are not well aware of that “From the total economy of India, 70% of economy is share by around 3000 families and the rest 30% of economy is for the whole lot of Indian population which accounts to Rs 33 per month holding of a family”.For this reason reservation is needed to have an economical balance over the entire nations.I very much agreed to the point that the politicians should focus on the field of education and medical.from my point of view our government can provide funds, free education and medical to the families who are below economical level rather than giving reservation on the caste basic.

  16. Sayanti Banerjee says:

    politicians are gaining profit by reservation
    Dividing people with respect to their caste itself create differences among people.I do agree that backward classes needs little bit more attention and should get equal rights but when we talk about equal rights than how come the word RESERVATION comes.Politicians do manipulate lower castes by making fake promises for there votes.Talent could not be suppressed be it a lower caste or a higher one so i feel imposing reservation on field is not good for maintaining unity its just a way out for different political parties to get a vote bank.

  17. Jishnu Sen says:

    Every little hand extended for a better life of the poor, the politicians step in and steal the honesty and the modest attempt to do so in every possible way. This quota was actually done to reduce the number of illiterates in India due to its vast population. But, slowly (or rapidly) it turned out to be a big step and a plus point in the political affair. Every political party raised the quotas in the education sector first and then the job (government). So it can be said it has turned out to be vote banks in politics.

  18. Chandreyee Ghosh says:

    Yes. The reservation is just to hold the vote bank. When the reservation policy was introduced , the sc/st/obc and other backward communities really needed it to survive in a proper manner . It helped them to get all their fundamental rights. But now the things are changed completely. All the backward communities are now getting the facilities of reservation even though they are developed enough. This is a political trick no doubt. The greedy, selfish politicians of our country are really afraid of losing the votes. As the result, inspite of being deserving the people who are not within the reservation are suffering a lot in all platform like education , job etc. There is no way to get rid of these unless and until the political leaders change their mentality.

  19. Piyali Chattaraj says:

    I completely agree with with this.each and every people in backward classes are not poor.poverty in general classes are also visible.because of this reservation sometimes intelligent students dont get chances for their study.Knowing this the politicians dont take any step to abolish this just because of loosing votes.If the politicians want to help poor people they should provide facilities to the poor people not to reserve the seats for backward classes.

  20. Aditya Kundan says:

    I very much agree with the fact that reservation issue is just to get a vote bank.Reservation for sc/st was introduced in the Constitution of India to improve their quality of living as they were degraded by the upper castes and ensure equality.But after so many decades, reservation still exists and tightened its grip, thanks to our selfish and ever corrupt politicians.The distinction based on reservation has only managed to widen the gap among different castes.People are lacking fair competition, less competent is getting elite position with very little effort. The politicians in their zest to gather more vote banks are announcing numerous, illogical benefits to the lower castes.It’s not that they are poor, lower castes have become financially strong but still love to enjoy reservation and make the best out of it.It’s the real poor people who are left to live on their fate as they are neglected.Even the higher castes are fighting with the poverty but their interest is uncared.These sc/st people freely vote for their caste and eventually end up choosing a person with his or her personal interest who forget all the vows after the election.This has led to increased corruption at the center and states both.Really the dirty game of reservation in the name of caste should be terminated and the needy should be attended.This will only bridge the gap between different castes and communities and peace will prevail.

  21. Dinesh says:

    Here i like to add a point as the Reservation quota is very good method to improve the people who are in backward category to improve in the society

    but my question is that the reservation have reach the people and improve their life, if it happens at least 5% of poverty line have gone down but from 1990 it’s above 40%

    it shows clearly that this Reservation is made as a vote bank by the politicians

  22. akanksha chaturvedi says:

    Yes of course our political parties have done numerous things for vote bank like cash for vote,reservations and latest is death penalty to 2 most dangerous militants in 3 months !

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