OEICC Online course of Seo SMM search engine optimization Social Media Mechanism

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OEICC Online course of Seo SMM search engine optimization & Social Media Mechanism


OEICC stands for oureducation.in certification course. This course has been designed to meet requirement of companies like that of Ruva customer services which are new and budding in Internet search analytic business operations. OEICC is combination of Seo SMM online course i.e Search engine optimization & social media mechanism according to us. Social Media Marketing is passe. and Now its beginning of social media mechanism.

What is OEICC

OEICC has a definite course structure related to Internet business Mechanism for development of few key skills related to Seo SMM. Curriculum of search engine optimization & social media marketing has been designed in the manner to meet industry requirements and demands. As initiative of Ruva customer services Pvt Ltd OEICC has been designed to increase employability of students and to make Insight of Managers indulged in Internet dominated business operations more and more productive.

OEICC makes any one ready to understand Web operations in better fashion. It has been divided in three sections.

1. OEICC: Technical module

2. OEICC: Functional Module

3. OEICC: Management Module


our education system is focused to big corporate houses and our course curriculum is about 10 years old. In this world of change where companies like Google changes there code structure every six months , we are happy to take no extra burden for enhancing our old course module and thus our modules are focused for big corporate houses only where as major employers are mid segment

OEICC Seo & SMM course

Seo & SMM certification course OEICC

or mid sized companies.

To meet demand of mid size companies we have initiated this model. If a student gets this certification successfully we commit employment.

Who does not need good and Trained employees

As a corporate social responsibility and for our benefit to get trained employees , we at Ruva customer services Pvt Ltd ran an online programme after selecting few students for final training procedure . Due to shortage of Time , we could run only few parts of programme that was content development analytics and could not focus either on PHP coding part Social media mechanics part.

Although we had to terminate many students during this training procedure due to different reasons, some times that had been in sincerity and some times indiscipline towards training activity. Different training and Placement officers showed there reluctance towards training programme.

But we have maintained our commitment of quality training process, we never charged for it and being a Profit making organization, we could only use limited resources. All colleges know how much they supported us during training but now when time of placement has come expectations have increased. These expectation would only be fair we there was ample support from college authorities towards this kind of programme.

We at this point of time are going to hire them and offer them  CTC of upto 1.8Lacs .  In some colleges our selection and offer ratio is as high as 100%. Thanks to the TPO who showed their personal interest in each and every student. But at some places it has been as low as 0 , they started training and then within 4 weeks every one left.

Colleges which We had selected during this process were

1. JECRC Jaipur


3. Ambalika institute Lucknow

4. ITM Gwalior

5. IPS Gwalior


7. SMS Lucknow

8. Kostuv group of institutes

9. Centurion group of institutes

10. TTS


12 Amity Lucknow

13. IMT nagpur

14. IIT


Now I would like to open this forum for all of you to share your views about this OEICC programme. I would like your views on this programme in public so that we may understand where we lacked and what have been our achievements. From students who took part in this programme, from college Directors, and Faculties. Was it a success or not. I am offering this forum to educational experts , Directors , Help us to improve. As of now we can say that we have made 38% of total students worth employment of Rs 1, 80,000/year Minimum , Our Maximum Payout declared has been Rs 3.32 lak/year. Those who are not selected please share your views also.

Latest SEO & SMM Mechanism

SEO stands for search engine optimization , Different people will give different concept Of SEO & SMM according to own understanding of search engines. As far as I have observed and understood , All search engines try to replicate natural process of spreading talks in Virtual world. Process of Natural world is just being replicated in process of SEO and this creates problem for people who are indulged in Black head testing of SEO.

Be natural , Keep natural and real your post will be loved by search engines. Be genuine and always remember , your near and dear ones are first who would like to hear from you not only in real world but also in virtual world. Inform about your SEO activity or Post to your near ones through social sites and they will spread your write-up further.

Become a SEO & SMM expert by yourself.

Let us know, If our OEICC programe is success or not. 

We have launched OEICC-2 which has more detailed features have a look and tell us where to improve

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