Should Agricultural Subsidies be stopped?

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Agricultural Subsidies be stopped

Should agricultural subsidies stopped or not has been topic of talk shows without proper representatives from farming side  ,According to my opinion agriculture subsidy should not be stopped as our agriculture contribute 15% to our GDP and 60% of total employment beside it we know that our economy is agriculture dependent and beside it 95% of farmer comes under small land holding farmer who are not able to do cultivation without subsidies. We know that agriculture input is crucial thing for cultivation of land and our farmer can not afford that much of costly input.

agriculture subsidies

agriculture subsidies should be removed or not

I think instead of stopping agriculture subsidy we should focus on.

Agriculture policy which restrict the produce within the state some state not allow to sell or buying the produce in other state which increase the cost and inflation also along with this.

To impose levied duty on essential commodities,

And monopoly condition in procurement of produce (cotton in Maharastra).

All these factor cause huge cost to farmer and less price for their produce.

Along with these farmer can not afford the costly fertilizer which is important factor to increase yield also and if govt will not provide subsidy than how farmer can produce and fulfill the consumption need of India.

Obstacles for the farmer.

1. Indian farmers have less land and are basically illiterate or less educated.
2. Obstacles to understand and apply the technology.
3. Government Subsidies don’t reach to themselves as the larger part of the subsidies are theft by the middlemen or bought by the rich farmers.
4. Gambling is done during monsoon.
5. The Infrastructure of Storing Crop, like Cold Storage is not available on every area -this is why 30% of Yearly Production of Vegetables in India are rotten.

Government should take appropriate steps to face these challenges.
Providing higher rate of subsidies to the marginal farmers and lower rate to the rich farmers.
Providing appropriate teaching of innovative methods to every farmer.
Growth of Canal and Tank Irrigation.
Low Rate Loans and Crop Insurance Facility should be provided.
The Govt should also inspect the Proper Distribution of Subsidy.
This is how the Government should meet the challenges and ensure the Farm Productivity.

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