social networking sites is good or bad

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social networking sites is good or bad has been topic of altercation among parents and children since about a decade , if not a decade then at least 7-8 years , It started probably with Orkut and currently Facebook is at top with g+ , linkedin , twitter and many more with there own utility level.

You can have a look at more information on advantages and disadvantage of Social Networking Sites. The merits and demerits are discussed in a previous post.

social networking sites is good or bad

social networking sites is good or bad

People remains connected to their near and dear ones all the times through social media sites as gone are the days of talking with affection , now people do not want to be more close or affectionate , so they have come with new theory where you have not to face some on face to face rather on face book hahaha. They can easily communicate with them anytime they want to do. With offline messages like scraps and offline chat messages they can easily leave a message to their near and dear ones, asking about their welfare or having an informal chat of any

 It’s good, clean fun. Now fun with cricket bat and ball in cricket ground which use to start by 4pm is over , now one does not neet 500 sq mt area for enjoying cricket , all you need is an application on your social networking sites on top of all these games like farmville have take  place of farmers hashah Whether you want to look up your BFF from second grade or spy on your freshman-year crush, there’s something incredibly fun and appealing about reconnecting with people. Nope, I have not sent a friend request to my ex-boyfriends, nor do I plan to, but I did r

 Social networking has enabled us today to climb the mountains of connectivity with minimal cost (just the internet access charges). Most of the online services like chatting, emailing etc are totally free.
Social media is meant for the masses. Anyone and everyone can use the platform.
Social causes are promoted through various communities and groups in the websites and this type of awareness can create magic.

 Social media is helping business organisations know and understand their customers better and defiantly its doing an incredible job , now marketers get to know before we even plan to buy. By the time i search for any article i get an advertisement in front of me Great marketing.  The rewards of this intimate customer engagement, access and dialogue are increased brand relationships and loyalty.
Social media is contributing to more jobs. Increasingly, employers are posting waves of jobs with “social media” in the title to fill an enormous demand for individuals who can utilize these web-based networks to a company’s benefit.

Face book is good for kids or not although I am no one to decide as different sections have different argument , while kids enjoy remaining connected with friends , parents complain that kids are not giving time to parents, because you can talk to your friends and family and you can play games, have fun and be yourself. If your parents are to protective just talk to them about it and say that u will only be friends with people you know and you will block the site from people you don’t
— Having social media skills on your résumé is a boon right now in many organisations.

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