Interview Questions and Answers on Software Metrics

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Metrics or Software Metrics is the measure of some property of a certain software or the specification of that software. It is the quantitative measurement for software development The main aim of software metric for obtaining a reproducible & quantifiable measurement. Followings are some important and fundamental questions and answers on software metric which may lead a student for betterment of his examination and also for interviews.

Software Metrics Question and Answer

Questions and Answers on Software Metrics

Software Metrics

1. Can you make a case for however the amount of defects is measured?
Answer: The number of defects is one among the lives wont to measure take a look at effectiveness. One among the aspect effects of the amount of defects is that each one bugs don’t seem to be equal. Thus it becomes necessary to weight bugs in step with their criticality level. If we tend to are exploitation the amount of defects because the metric measuring the subsequent are the issues:

  • The range of bugs that originally existed considerably impacts the amount of bugs discovered, that in turns offers a wrong live of the code quality.
  • All defects don’t seem to be equal thus defects ought to be numbered with a criticality level to induce the proper code quality live.

2. Can you make a case for however the amount of production defects is measured?
Answer: This is one amongst the foremost effective measures. the amount of defects found in a very production is recorded. the sole issue with this live is it will have latent & disguised defects which might provide United States of America the incorrect price relating to code quality.

3. What’s meant by measures and metrics?
Answer: Measures are quantitatively unit outlined components, for example, hours, km etc. Metrics are primarily comprised of quite one measure. For example, we will have metrics like km/hr, m/s etc.

4. Can you make a case for defect seeding?
Answer: Defect seeding could be a technique that was developed to estimate the amount of defects resident in a very piece of code. It’s associate degree offline technique & may not be employed by everybody. The method is that the following: we tend to inject the appliance with defects then see if the defect is found or not. So, for example, if we’ve got injected a hundred defects we tend to attempt to get 3 values. 1st what number seeded defects were discovered, what number weren’t discovered, and the way several new defects unseeded are discovered. By exploitation defect seeding we will predict the amount of defects remaining within the system.

5. However does one live take a look at effectiveness?
Answer: Test effectiveness is that the live of the bug-finding ability of our tests. In short, it measures however sensible the tests were. Thus effectiveness is that the magnitude relation of the live of bugs found throughout testing to the full bugs found. Total bugs are the add of recent defects found by the user and the bugs found within the take a look at.

6. Can you  make a case for unit and system take a look at DRE?
Answer: DRE is additionally helpful to live the effectiveness of a selected take a look at like acceptance, unit, or system testing. The subsequent figure shows defect numbers at varied at varied code cycle levels. The one indicates that defects are input at the part & 2 indicates that these several defects were far away from that specific part. For example, within the demand part a hundred defects were gift, however twenty defects are far away from the need part because of a code review. Thus if twenty defects are removed then eighty defects get carried to the new part (design) then on.

7. Can you make a case for DRE?
Answer: DRE (Defect Removal Efficiency) could be a powerful metric wont to live take a look at effectiveness. From this metric we tend to come back to grasp what number bugs we tend to found from the set of bugs that we tend to might have found.

8. What is Cyclomatic complexity?
Answer: Cyclomatic complexness could be a code metric that provides the quantitative live logical complexness of the program. The Cyclomatic complexness defines the amount of freelance ways within the basis set of the program that gives the bound for the amount of tests that has got to be conducted to make sure that each one the statements are dead a minimum of once.

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