Solar Power Generator

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About Solar Power Generator:

Solar Power Generator is a device which generates power from the sunlight , it converts the Solar Productsolar energy into very useful electrical energy. This is done either directly by Photovoltaics(PV) or indirectly by concentrated solar power(CSP). As the non renewable resources are rapidly being used and their is a question mark on their availability in future, so solar energy is a good source to create power. Solar generators are designed to be recharged with solar panels.

Components Required to make solar power generator:

  1. Solar photo voltaic panel or solar concentrators
  2. Solar Battery Ah
  3. Solar charge controller
  4. DC-AC Inverter

Working Principle:How to work Solar Power Generator

Solar Power Generator uses either photo voltaic (PV) or indirectly concentrated solar power(CSP) to produce electrical energy using the solar energy. CSP technique uses the lenses and the large mirror to gather the large amount of light and make an intense focus beam of light and made it fall to the required part. and in comparison photo voltaic uses the photo voltaic effect to produce electrical energy using solar energy.

Use of Solar Power Generator:

If you want to power a refrigerator / freezer at the time of power failure, you can power them using solar power generator when these kind of situation arises. The length of uptime will depend on the wattage requirement of your appliances and the size of your generator.


  1. It is an eco-friendly technique which in turn avoids global warming.
  2. It uses a complete renewable resource.
  3. It provides energy reliability.
  4. It is a cheap generator and saves millions dollar.


  1. Solar Cell and Solar panels which are required (Initial investment) are very expensive.
  2. Sun doesn’t shines 24 Hrs so you cannot get electricity every-time.
  3. It takes time to generate electricity.

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