SSC CGL TIER II 2017 – Quantitative aptitude questions

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The much-awaited SSC CGL Tier 2 exam was finally conducted successfully after getting delayed for two times. The Exam was conducted by SSC from 17th February to 22nd February 2018. 

As the exams are over now, we have collected the questions that were asked in Tier II. We would like to thank all the students who have forwarded the questions to us.

These questions are definetely going to help all the SSC aspirants who are aiming for SSC CGL 2018 exam.

Some of the questions asked in SSC CGL TIER II are as follows:

DAY 1- 17th February 2018

1. A certain amount is divided into 3 people. X gets 2/7 of what Y gets and Y gets 4/9 of what Z gets.. then by how much amount more Z gets than A

2. If (a+b)/c=7/9 and (b+c)/a=11/5.. the find the value of c

3. What is the number of months which amounts to Rs___ compounded semi annually at the rate of 20%

4. If the ratio of curved surface area and total surface area of a cylinder is 2:1.. then find out the volume of the cylinder

5. Find the number divisible by 253 between 1000 and 9999.

6. Two trains having speed _ km/h and _ km/h.If second train reaches destination late by 8 minutes than first one. Due to some technical failure on first train it now reaches destination late by 12 minutes.. find out the distance between the two station?

7. What is the unit digit of the sum of first 111 whole numbers?

8. If a cuboid having sides 30×50×40 is divided into 8 equal parts by cutting 3 times.. then find out the total surface area of all the parts

9. A sphere is put inside a hollow cone having base radius r. Then find out the ratio between the radius of sphere and the hollow cone

10. What is the rate of interest if the Simple interest is 8000 and the compound interest is 8164.. for two years.

DAY 2- 18th February 2018

1. A man purchases 5 sarees with the average cost of 2250. If he had bought 3 more sarees, the average cost would have been 2750. What is the average cost of sarees altogether?

2. A cylinder with a height of 8 cm and radius of 3.5 cm is perfectly put inside of another cylinder with their axis being perpendicular to each other. What is the radius of another cylinder?

3. Two men begin to walk towards each other with a speed of 21 km/hr & 24 km/hr. If they meet after 1 hr 15 mins, what is the distance between them initially?

4. A point made a angle of elevation to the top of a tower with tangent of 3/4. If point shifts 300 meter towards tower then the tangent becomes 4/3. What is the height of the tower?

5. If a cube is cut in 27 equal cubes. What is the percentage change in the total surface area?

6. Average of the number from 100 to 400 which are divisible by 13.

7. A chord is drawn to 2 concentric circles. Length of chords are 4 and 16. What is the difference between the square of radii of both circles?

8. A mixture contains acid and water in the ratio 11:2. If 35 liter of water is added the quantity of acid becomes twice in water. What is the initial quantity of acid?

9. Average of the number from 100 to 400 which are divisible by 13.

10. A shopkeeper marked up his good by 125% and allowed a discount of 25%. If the selling price of a good is Rs 640, find the cost price of the good.

11. If a no is increased by 20 it becomes 116% of itself. Find the number.

12. Area of a hexagon is equal to the area of a square. Find the ratio od their paremeters.

13. Speed of a boat going downstream is 30 km/hr while 18 km/hr going upstream. Find the average speed of the boat.

14. A B C can do a work in 7.5 days. C is thrice as good as A. B working alone can do the same work in 15 days. In how many days A and C together can complete the same work?

15. If the speed of a bus without stopage is 60 km/hr & 45 km/hr with stopages. For how many minutes the bus stops per hour?





DAY 3- 19th February 2018

1. The angle at center was given, it was asked to find the angle at circumference?

2. In what ratio cow milk with 10% fat be mixed with buffalo milk with 28% fat so that resultant fat be 22/5% ?

3. If 3a=4b=5c then find a:b:c ?

4. A can complete a work in 6 days and A and B together in 3 days, then in how many days B alone can finish the work?

5. In what ratio two sugars of 200 per kg and 300 per kg be mixed to sell the mixture at 275 per kg?

DAY 4- 20th February 2018

11. 6a:3b:9c, what is the value of a, b & c?

12. In a triangle ABC value of sides are given, AP is the angle bisector, then find the area of triangle APC?

13. If a hemisphere is surmounted on the cube, and total height of this toy is 21cm. Then find volume of Toy?

DAY 5- 21st February 2018

1. circular park of radius 21 cm has a outer side path of 3.5 cm. Find the area of the path.

2. Base of a prism in a equilateral triangle having perimeter 18 cm. If the height of the prism is 20 cm, then finds its volume?

3. Equilateral discount of two successive discount of 25% is             ?

4. Find angle CED in the diagram shown below?

5. Find the perimeter of four triangles formed in the diagram below:

6. Find the value of cos θ?

Will update more questions soon……..

Please  share how your exam was in the comments section. Also share questions if you remember any.


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