Statistical Modelling Training and Certification Details

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What is Statistical Modelling Training?

Statistical Modelling is a very important analytic tool used for business technical analysis and financial modelling. Statistical Modelling training module is made for those who are willing to introduce new techniques and ideas of statistical modeling. After completion of this training one will be able to construct and interpret linear statistical models involving multiple variables and co-variate. If you are will to see yourself as a analyst then Statistical Training is best option for them to opt under Software Tools Training.

Software Tools Training

Statistical Modelling Training

Benefits of Statistical Modelling Training

  • Better career opportunities
  • Good and attractive salary package
  • Command over MS exchange domain

Who should attend this training module?

Statistical Modelling training module is designed for those individuals who are interested to work on analytic tools used for technical analysis of business terms and financial modelling. This will help in introducing a basic statistical concepts for analysis of variance and regression to benefit future statistician and data analyst. 

Role of a Statistical Modelling Expert

A certified Statistical Modelling expert reflect important developments, extensions, and applications used in business. He/ She will be able to use R for basic statistical analysis and graphics that includes practical exercises and course materials to make accurate stats.

Skilled gained after this training

  • One will learn all Introductory concepts of R, objects, functions, data structures and classes.
  • Evaluation of exploratory stage by the use of graphical methods and descriptive statistics become easy.
  • To work on linear models and diagnostics model selection become easy.
  • An outline of the use of R for fitting and displaying generalized linear models (GLMs).

Career Scope after Statistical Training

After pursuing Statistical training one will become enough qualified to work as per following profiles with good salary package.

  • Analysts of National and Enterprise Accounts
  • Analyst of Regional & Housing
  • Economic Statistician
  • Mathematical Statisticians
  • Economic Statistician/ Analyst

Following are some of the top Statistical Modelling Training Institutes in Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad to help interested students.

Citywise top training providers

Top Statistical Modelling Training Institutes in Delhi

  1. Multisoft Systems
  2. The Cybercure Knowledge Base
  3. Florence Institute
  4. ACLM Institute of Professional Studies
  5. The Cybercure Knowledge Base

Top Statistical Modelling Training Institutes in Bangalore

  1. Elsoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  2. Training & Professional Practice Group
  3. GITS Academy
  4. Software Training Labs

Top Statistical Modelling Training Institutes in Hyderabad

  1. Computer Society of India
  2. Indian Statistical Institute
  3. Jigsaw Academy
  4. Edvancer Eduventures
  5. Academy for Decision Science & Analytics

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