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  • Question on console input output

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    Q1: what is console input output? ans:The I/O functions provide a simple way to read a stream of characters from console input or to write a stream of characters to console output. A read operation gets input characters from a console’s input buffer and

  • NRAM

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    Ques 1. What is NRAM? Ans. NRAM or Nano-RAM is a proprietary computer memory technology from the company Nantero. It is a type of nonvolatile random access memory based on the mechanical position of carbon nanotube deposited on a chip-like substrate. In

  • Important Questions on OFDM

    Jan 15, 13 • 8307 Views • Resources5 Comments

    1)  What is OFDM? Ans: OFDM  (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) is a broadband multicarrier modulation method that offers superior performance and benefits over older, more traditional single-carrier modulation methods because it is a better fit


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      Q1. WHAT IS PROLOG PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE? ANS. Prolog (programming logic) rose within the realm of Artificial Intelligence. It was one of the first logic programming languages. It became popular with AI researchers, who know more about

  • Questions on IC Engines with answers

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    An automobile engineer or a mechanical engineer is required to go through the depths of the IC engine portion as they might have to answer a numerous questions be it in the interview or in academics. So here is a set of some frequently asked questions on IC