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    Q.1 Define RISC / CISC? Ans. RISC: stands for Reduced Instruction Set Computing. It is strategy of computer design that simplified instructions can provide higher performance but condition is that the simplicity enables much faster execution of each

  • Format Function: Basic Concepts

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    Q.1. What is the format function? Ans. Format function allow us to supply the input in a fixed format and let us obtain the output in the specified form. Formatted output converts the internal binary representation of the data to ASCII character which are

  • Important Questions on MOSFET

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    Here are the some of the important questions on MOSFET. MOSFET is the Metal Oxide semiconductor field effect transistor which is used for the amplification and switching of the electronic signals. Following are the questions that has been asked in the

  • Questions on principle of programming language

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     A programming Language is the simple language to write different programs to control and run the machine and different algorithms. With the help of programming, a complex task can be performed easily and in the more sophisticated way. There are a number of

  • Modulation and Demodulation based Interview Questions

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    Modulation and demodulation process is the main process behind the communication system. A effective communication may only be established if we have a proper and efficient tool for undergoing the modulation and demodulation procedures effectively. Being the