Top 10 Coaching Institutions for JEE in Himachal Pradesh

Top 10 Coaching Institutions For JEE (Main and Advance)in Himachal Pradesh

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Top 10 Coaching Institutions For JEE (Main and Advance)in Himachal Pradesh

IIT JEE is the choice of all those students who want to become the Engineer in their LIfe. Understand that choosing Right coaching is very important factor in determining the Success rate. The reason being is simple. In the era of fast moving life and fast moving people along with that if we leave even a single stone unturned to success, we actually lost half of the battle.

Here we at our education managed to do the survey in the HImachal pradesh to bring the best institutes data for IITJEE examination in front of them.


Top 10 Coaching Institutions for JEE in Himachal Pradesh.Engineering is a discipline,art and profession of implementing practical knowledge and skills.Every student who opt for science dream to become a good engineer. Every engineering aspirants dream to get into any of the IITs.But cracking IIT-JEE is not an easy task.One has to work hard to get into it.IIT-JEE is one of the toughest exams in India.There are more than lakh of students who sit for this exam.Engineering is the application of science to commerce or industry.As the population is increasing day tremendously,numbers of engineers are also increasing.To become a good engineer one should have many qualities. A good engineer has excellent analytic skills.To build these qualities one has to get into a good college.

Himachal Pradesh is a state in northern area of India.It is famous for its beauty.Himachal is a Sanskrit word which means snow.The economy of Hinachal Pradesh is very good.It is third fastest growing economy in India.After Kerela,Himachal Pradesh is known for its literacy rate.Education in Himachal Pradesh has reached a high level.

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Role of coaching institutions: These coaching institutes are essential for engineering aspirantsimages (4) because they provide  guidancenecessary study materials,competitive atmosphere.They conduct regular mock tests which help students to evaluate them on regular basis.This atmosphere cannot be built in schools because the process of teaching in schools is entirely different.One should choose appropriate according to his or her capability,interest and financial status.

IIT JEE Examination by


The list of coaching institutions are made according to their performances which include following parameters:
(1)Experienced Faculties
(2)Study Materials
(4)Teaching Methodology


These article contain the list of coaching centers for engineering in Himachal Pradesh.Address of each coaching institutions are also provided along with contact numbers.Any engineering aspirants can have a look if they are deciding to go for a coaching institution for preparation.We have put immense effect to prepare this list.If you have any queries you are free to ask us. We are here to provide help to banking aspirants.

List of top 10 coaching classes for IIT-JEE in Himachel Pradesh is 

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Career LauncherKullu
A.K VidyamandirShimla
Brilliant Coaching centreShimla
Bright career Education centreShimla
Buddha Institute of competitionShimla
D.N.K institute of educationShimla
BRC InstituteShimla
Divya InstituteShimla
Mastermind AcademyShimla

#Rank 1.

Career Launcher:
Career Launcher is one the famous coaching centre for engineering.It is one of the leading institutions for enginerring in India.It has well equipped air conditioned classrooms.It provide best experienced faculties to student.Faculties are experienced and are mostly Ex-IITians.It provides good study materials and regular class notes.

Courses offered:career l

  • Regular Classroom course and correspondence course for IITJEE
  • Regular classroom course and correspondence course for AIEEE
  • Test series

Performances: Many students secured AIR in top 100 and in top 1000 in JEE in recent years.Top rankers in AIEEE was also from this institute in past years.1 students out of every 6 students has cracked JEE Advanced 2013.There were many top ranks in past years also.In JEE 2010 Kumar Rajput secured AIR-131, Anurag Agarwal secured AIR-605 and Soumitr Pandey secured AIR-831.

Handa Complex,Near Kullu Manali Airport,
Kullu,Himachal Pradesh,
Contact no: -9218****00,
Email id:-


#Rank 2.

A. K Vidyamandir:
A. K Vidyamandir is very famous because of its teaching methodology and performance.It has best faculties and most of them are Ex-IITians.It provide comprehensive study materials and class notes are also provided.They conduct tests regularly which help the students to judge their performance on regular basis.The correspondence course of Vidyamandir classes is also very famous and effective.Students of Vidyamandir are showing bright results in various entrance examinations.vidyamandir

Courses offered:

  • Regular classroom courses for 12th pass out, 10th pass out.
  • VSAT classroom course
  • Target extreme course
  • School Integrated course
  • Aim IIT classroom course
  • Correspondence courses
  • Test Series

Performnaces: In JEE Advanced there were many top rankers like Ananya Goel(65), Jeetu Raj(107), Jatin Chopra (109), Abhishek Gupta (172),Manmoahn Mandhn (83),Siddhant(100).In the past years also it showed outstanding result in JEE and AIEEE.Many top rankers in IIT-JEE and AIEEE are from Vidyamndir classes.

Old SBI Building,Near Auckland Hotel,
Lakken Bazar,Shimla,Himachal Pradesh,
Contact no: – 0177-26***01.
email id –

#Rank 3.
Brilliant Coaching centre: Brilliant Coaching centre is a famous coaching class for IITJEE in Himachal Pradesh.It is amongst the top three coaching classes.It has good faculties.It provide notes and useful tips.It also help the students to explore their knowledge.

Courses offered:amit

  • Classes for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for boards
  • Regular classes for IITJEE

Performances:Brilliant Coaching centre has helped a lot number of students to score good marks in boards.It has also helped many students to crack various engineering examinations.

Address:Vij House,Kasumpti,Shimla,Himachal Pradesh,
contact no: – 0177-26***78

#Rank 4.
Bright Career Education Centre:
Bright Career Education centre is providing training to students for various engineering entrance examination.It has experienced teachers. It has air-conditioned classrooms.It provide regular notes written by professors. It conducts regular mock test.

Courses offered:

  • Classes for boards
  • Classes for IITJEE

Performance:Bright Career Education Centre is showing tremendous growth in its performance since years.It has produced many students who scored well in boards and also in various engineering entrance examination.

Address:Trimurti Bhawan,Sanjaula,Shimla,Himachal Pradesh,
contact no: -0177-65***43

#Rank 5.
Elite Students Academy
: Elite Student Academy is the centre for learning.It provide a competitive atmosphere.It provides regular notes to students.It helps the students to learnd shortcuts and last moment tips for cracking JEE.It has airy classrooms.It has good faculties.

Courses offered:

  • Separate classes for Physics, Chemistry and Maths.
  • Classes for IIT-JEE

Performances: Elite Students Academy is improving its performance in every year.The number of students cracking JEE is increasing every year.It has also produced top scorers in Boards.

Address:Sanjula,Shimal,Himachal Pradesh,
contact no: -0177-26***03

#Rank 6.
Buddha Institute of Competition:
Buddha Institute of Competition is showing best results now a days.It has best faculties.It conducts regular mock test.It help the students to discover their hidden talents.It help the students to improve their speed and accuracy as these factors plays a major role in one’s performance in entrance exams.bank2

Courses offered:

  • Classes for Boards
  • Classes for IIT-JEE and AIEEE

Performances:Buddha Institute of Competition has produced many top rankers in boards.It has also many students who cracked IITJEE with good ranks.

Address:Aukta Lottage,BCS,Shimla,
Contact no: – 0177-26***01

#Rank 7.
D.N.K Institute of Education:
  D.N. K Institute of Education is among top 10 institutions in Himachal Pradesh.It is in this position because of its dedication towards students and hard working. It has well equipped class rooms and provide all facilities to students.It provide regular notes and conduct regular mock tests.

Courses offered:

  • Regular classes for IIT-JEE and AIEEE
  • Regular classes for board aspirants.

Performances:D.N.K Institute of Education is showing bright results in IIT-JEE and other emgineering entrance examination.

Address: Kala Bhawan,Near H.P Marketing Road,Khalini,Shimla,Himachal Pradesh,
contact no: – 9418****02

#Rank 8.
BRC Institute:
BRC Institute is providing comprehensive regular notes and best teaching methodology to its students.It conducts regular mock tests.It help the students to achieve their goal very easily.It provides special tricks to students.It help the students to discover their hidden talents.

Courses offered:

  • Regular classes for IIT-JEE
  • Regular classes for 10th, 11th and 12th.

Performances: BRC Institute is showing tremendous growth in its performance since years.It has produced many IITians. It has helped many students to score high in boards.

Address:SCO 55-56, Sector-20C, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh,
contact no:– 0177-65***43

#Rank 9.
Divya Institute:
Divya Institute is amongst top 10 in Himachal Pradesh.It has experienced faculties and provide comprehensive study.It has air-conditioned class rooms.It conducts regular mock tests.

Courses offered:

  • Regular classes for IIT-JEE
  • Regular classes for 10th, 11th and 12th.

Performances: Divya Institute has produced many students who secured good ranks in IIT-JEE and AIEEE.It has also produced top rankers in boards.

Address: Divya yog Sadhna Kondra,New Town,Shimla,Himachal Pradesh,
Contact no: – 0177-28***01

#10.Mastermind Academy: Mastermind Academy is in 10th position due to its dedication towards every students.It has different teaching methodology.It has ideal batch.It believes that each and every  student is talented and there is only need to discover their hidden talents.

Courses offered:

  • Regular classes for IITJEE and AIEEE
  • Regular classes for 8th, 9th, 10th, 11thand 12th

Performances: Mastermind Academy has helped engineering aspirants to get into prestigious colleges.It has also produced many students who got distinction in boards.

Address: Totu Chowk,Totu,Mandi road,Shimla,Himachal Pradesh,
Contact no: – 0177-28***19

Feel free to post your suggestion and comment.We will be glad to have your feedback.

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