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This metropolitan city provides all the amenities of a contemporary society. There are good number of schools, colleges and universities in Noida, which are a great place of cultural excellence. Education holds the key to economic growth, social transformation, modernization and national integration.In its general sense is a form of learning in which knowledge, skills, and habits of a group of people are transferred from one generation to the next through teaching, training, research.It has a formative on the way one thinks,feels or acts. There are many CBSE Schools in Noida which are at top rank wise

Top cbse schools in Noida:-

  1. Step by Step School
  2. Amity International School
  3. Delhi Public School
  4. Apeejay School
  5. Lotus Valley international
  6. Somerville School
  7. Kothari International school
  8. Vishwa Bharti  School
  9. Shri Ram Millenieum School
  10. Bal Bharti School

Details of facilities and other things-

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1. Step by Step School-

Step by Step School image

Step by Step School- CBSE school of Noida

Step by Step is known for its new approaches to learning, its professional development centre to upgrade skills of the faculty and its special needs educational facility. The school has aced the ‘extra-curricular activities’, ‘individual attention to students’, ‘life skills education’ and ‘innovative teaching’ parameters.


A-10, Sector 132,
New Okhla Industrial Development Area,
UP 201304


Phone no.-0120-24***00


2. Amity International school

Amity International school logo

Amity International school is one of the best school in Noida

Located on a sprawling 15-acre campus, the school has topped the ‘academic rigour’ category yet again. The school also has enviable sports facilities and offers tennis and riding academies and a shooting range. It has the second-highest scores for the ‘extra-curricular activities’ and ‘value for money’ parameters.


Uttar Pradesh ,India


Phone no-0120-43***00


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3. Delhi Public school– 

Delhi Public school logo

Delhi Public school is one of the leading CBSE school in Noida

Established in 1982, DPS Noida is known for its excellent academic record, its vast infrastructure and its commitment to co-curricular activities. It has the second-highest scores in the ‘competence of teachers’ and ‘social accountability’ categories, and stands third on the ‘academic rigour’ and ‘sports’ parameters.


Sector 30, New Okhla Industrial Development Area,
UP 201303


Phone no-0120-45***00


4. Apeejay School- 

Apeejay School image

Apeejay School is one of the best CBSE school in Noida

Spread across 15 acres, the school has good infrastructure for sports, including cricket and football fields and basketball and badminton courts. Apeejay School has topped the ‘sports’ parameter. Equipped with a 1,200-seater auditorium, the school stands second in the ‘parental participation’ category.


Sector -16A, Film City,
New Okhla Industrial Development Area,
UP 201301

Phone no-0120-25***41/43


5. Lotus valley international-

Lotus valley international image

Lotus valley international- CBSE affiliated school

Spread over 12.5 acres, this school boasts of state-of-the-art infrastructure, including media centres and cafeterias for students. Unsurprisingly, it has topped on ‘infrastructure and facilities’ and ‘safety and hygiene’ parameters. The school has grown to a strength of 2,450 students in a short span of time.


Nodia Express way, Sector 126,
Nodia,UP 201303, Sector 126,
New Okhla Industrial Development Area,
Uttar Pradesh 201303


Phone no-99109***27


6. Somerville school- 

Somerville school image

Somerville school- CBSE affiliated best school

Started in 1987, the school focuses on academic excellence and value education. While it has topped the ‘value system’ and ‘value for money’ parameters and has the second highest score in the ‘academic rigour’ category. With activities such as a popular annual music show, the school ensures that learning is fun.


D-89, Sector- 22, Noida,
Uttar Pradesh, 201301, Chora Sadatpur,
Sector 22, New Okhla Industrial Development Area,
Uttar Pradesh 201301

Phone no-0120-24***50


7. Kothari International school-

Kothari International school logo

Kothari International school- one of the leading school in Noida

Known for its impressive infrastructure, the school follows innovative teaching technique such as providing a dedicated ‘Swadhaya period’ for self-learning and finishing assignments and the concept of a bag-less school. It is ranked second on the ‘individual attention to students’ and ‘safety and hygiene’ parameters.


B-279, Sector 50,
New Okhla Industrial Development Area,


Phone no-10120 – 40***30


8. Vishwa Bharti School-

Vishwa Bharti School image

Vishwa Bharti School- CBSE affiliated good school in Noida

Set up in 1989, the school is spread over 6.64 acres which houses three auditoriums, a library stocked with 25,000 books and smart classrooms. With its emphasis on Indian values and community service, the school has the second-highest scores in the ‘value system’ and ‘parental participation’ categories.


Arun Vihar, Sector – 28,
Noida, Uttar Pradesh, 2010301 Sector 28,
New Okhla Industrial Development Area,
Uttar Pradesh 201303


Phone no-0120-24***42


9. Shri ram millenium school-

Shri ram millenium school image

Shri ram millenium school- CBSE affiliated best school in Noida

A joint enterprise between the promoters of the Shriram group of schools and Educomp, the school has started initiatives such as  writer’s workshop, ‘show and tell’ and ‘circle time’ where students can discuss ideas. Fittingly, the school ranks second in the ‘innovative teaching’ and ‘parental participation’ categories.


Plot S-1, Sector 135,
New Okhla Industrial Development Area,


Phone no-99991***66


10. Bal bharti school-

Bal bharti school logo

Bal bharti school-One of the leading school in Noida

 Activities under the astronomy, robotics and environment clubs make the school interesting. The Interact club is involved in various outreach activities, earning the school the top rank on the ‘social accountability’ parameter. It has also performed well in the ‘value for money’ and ‘innovative teaching’ categories.


Chaura Raghunathpur, Sector 22,
New Okhla Industrial Development Area,
UP 201301


Phone no-0120-25***33


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23 Responses to Top CBSE Schools in Noida

  1. Sannjay Singh says:

    I am shifting to Sector 61 Noida and trying to find a good school for my daughter for her admission in class VI. Currently She is in DPS Patna. I am comfortable with a fee of up to 10 thousand per month.

  2. Sandeep Raghav says:

    Want admission of my son in class 4th under CBSE school.

  3. Sandeep Raghav says:

    Want admission of my son in class 4th under CBSE school.

  4. Best CBSE SHOOLS IN NOIDA – Best schools in Noida says:


    • Arnav Gupta says:

      I’ve recently shifted my children from Apeejay School Noida to The Millennium School Noida and found it to be much better than Apeejay School noida, still, The Millennium School Noida is not included in your list, which is disappointing.

  5. Details of facilities and other things- – Best schools in Noida says:


  6. Schools in Noida says:

    Presidium is ranked among top CBSE schools in Noida, committed to foster excellence in education which is backed by its biggest pool well-qualified teachers supreme level of global academic.

  7. ANJALI SAXENA says:


  8. SchoolWiser says:

    Hey. All the schools you have mentioned are very good for education but this list doesn’t have The Khaitan School which is most popular in Noida.

  9. Best school in noida says:

    I think so Ramagya School is also best school in noida. This school should be included in top 10 lists

  10. smriti says:

    best cbse school in noida i terms of academics and co-curriculam also.

  11. smriti says:

    best cbse school in noida i terms of academics and co curriculam also.

  12. medico refresher publications says:

    i want to review for Vishwa Bharati school sector 28 noida and sommerville school noida sector 22. which one is better .

  13. Alok says:

    First of all I would like to thanks for such a nice and informative blog. No doubt, all the above school you have mentioned is Top CBSE schools in Noida. Besides this Ramagya School is one the well-known CBSE Affiliated School in Noida which we have missed in this blog. My both kids study in Ramagya.

  14. DHEERAJ GUPTA says:


  15. Archana kohli says:

    i need to get admission of my daughters in 11th and 5th in cbse school. pls seggest top schools in Noida.

  16. Yatendra Sharma says:

    If you are in search of the best CBSC schools in Noida to get someone from your family admitted, then you must not look no further than the Wisdom Tree Greater Noida West. Being a parent, I have also researched a lot about the best schools in Noida to secure my kid’s future. And now as my kid is in that school, I am pretty much satisfied about this co-education school as well as the industry best infrastructure that they offer to the students.

  17. Reetu says:

    11 year old daughter studying in 6th standard in Heritage School Gurgaon and 2.6 year old son soon to start formal schooling will be shifting to Noida need a school of heritage standard.Step by Step admission already tried but they are not taking admissions.Please suggest some good Schools.

  18. Rajeev Ranjan says:

    Looking for some good school in Noida for my son, presently he is in class 6.

  19. Sagar Tripathy says:

    amazing place for educatoin for the upcoming generation..despite from studys generations can gain a lot of good skills and qualities from all these better schools i.e listed above

  20. Saswat Nayak says:

    NOIDA really has grown up for some superior qualities….and mainly its education system for d new generations are amazing

  21. Arpita Sardar says:

    If you are from Noida and looking for the best CBSE school then you are exactly in the right place.. From the above article you can easily get to know all the details about top 10 CBSE schools in Noida…

  22. Saswat Nayak says:

    i think noida is the best place to take any education.

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