Top ICSE Schools in Jammu and Kashmir

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Jammu and Kashmir is located in the Northernmost region and famous for its beauty across country. Being the most sensitive destination, the government of Jammu and Kashmir has promised various opportunity to the students for the betterment of educational system. There are many Top ICSE schools in Jammu and Kashmir.  This become possible with the contribution of ICSE board to distribute education for secondary and higher secondary level. ICSE board serves themselves as the backbone for the educational development across country.

Top ICSE Schools in Jammu and Kashmir

  1. St. Peter High School
  2. Mallinson Girls High School
  3. Activity Public H.P. Sec. School
  4. St. Joseph’s English Medium School
  5. Co-operative Public School
  6. Lakhan Academy School

1. St. Peter High School:

St. Peter High School image

St. Peter High School

St. Peter High School is a co-educational school affiliated withCISCE (Council for Indian School Certification Examination) and ICSE, New Delhi. It is one of the best ICSE school in Jammu and Kashmir which has proved the education as the milestone. This school is well known for its discipline and quantative approach. Various co-curricular and academic activities run through out the year to enhance students capabilities.

Address: B.C. Road Jammu, J & K- 180001

Phone No.: 0191-2546860

2. Mallinson Girls High School:

Mallinson Girls High School image

Mallinson Girls High School

This school was established in 1912 with a certification of (Indian Council of Secondary Education) ICSE. They believe in providing the environment for the balanced growth of students in the field of knowledge along with social responsibilities which made Mallinson Girls High School as most prestigious educational institute across the state.

Address: Tyndale- Biscoe And Mallinson Soceity, Sheikh Bhag Shrinagar, Jammu and Kashmir- 190001

Phone No.: 0194-4525533

3. Activity Public H.R. Sec. School:

Activity Public H.R. Sec. School images

Activity Public H.R. Sec. School

This is an English Medium private type school created with the mission of spreading education to create a outstanding atmosphere which help students to face challenges offer by society and changing technology. It is a co-educational school affiliated by ICSE  situated in Janipur, Jammu and Kashmir. It offers admission to all religions and castes.

Address: Janipur Colony, Janipur J & K- 180007

Phone No.: 0191-2534318

4. St. Joseph’s English Medium School:

St. Joseph's English Medium School images

St. Joseph’s English Medium School

This is the first school that started online education in the Kashmir Valley. St. Joseph’s English Medium School is a co-educational school established in 1905 and get affiliation by ICSE, New Delhi. This college put great emphasis on the academic so that they can fulfill their aim of developing academic relationship along with spirit of enquiry. Their efforts help them to build themselves to take the place of eminence among all educational institute across country.

Address: St.Joseph’s English Medium School Barmulla, Jammu and Kashmir- 193101

Phone No.: 0171-3736496

5. Co-operative Public School:

Co-operative Public School images

Co-operative Public School

This school is located in Talab Tillo, Jammu  certified by ICSE. Its an English medium school providing boarding facility. The school building is equipped with infrastructure including e-pathshala, well equipped labs, library to encourage students for the better performance. Co-operative Public School organize various extra curricular activities, sports meet and to develop students creativity in every field.

Address: School Building, Talab Tillo Jammu, Kammu & Kashmir- 180002

Phone No.: 0191-2553875

6.Lakhan  Academy School:

Lakhan  Academy School image

Lakhan Academy School

Lakhan Academy is one of the top ICSE school in Jammu and Kashmir It aims is to deliver quality education to maintain the latest educational standards. It distributes educational facility for high school and higher secondary school level. They believe that a student with good base is only capable of getting excellent career in future,

Address: Jullaka Mohalla Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir

Phone No.:  0191-2570480

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    ICSE schools are providing a good educational platform for the students. One of the most imp. factor for this is that they are English medium. English language has its own importance across worldwide. So, parents are needed to sent their children to the ICSE schools. here presents the list of top ICSE school in Jammu and Kashmir for selecting the best one.

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    This article has all details including description and contact information of top ICSE schools in Jammu and Kashmir which help students to select the best one of them for their education.

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    ICSE schools offer international education system. This article gives the locations, individual education system of top schools in Jammu & Kashmir, which is located in border.

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