State Wise ICSE School in India

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ICSE Board was come into existence in 1958 to distribute the quality higher secondary level education throughout the country with the aim of serving standards of quality Education. Now this board is well known and students appeared those who are appeared from this board are strong in basics than other one. Now CISCE have been elongated its chain in minor and interior areas also. Here you will find out the List of Top State wise ICSE School in India with their detailed description which make them to stand as Top ICSE Schools across country.


1. TOP ICSE SCHOOL IN MEGHALAYA :- In Meghalaya ICSE board came in to existence in 90’s and now more than 30 affiliated schools have been distributed ray of education throughout the regions. In Meghalaya about 7 schools have been got CISCE affiliation this year.

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ICSE schools

2. TOP ICSE SCHOOL IN MANIPUR :- Recently 1 school has been added in to the list of CISCE affiliation in Manipur. In this state enormous number of schools has been established but mostly are   in Imphal.

3. TOP ICSE SCHOOL IN ARUNACHAL PRADESH :- Arunachal Pradesh has low literacy rate and number of affiliated to CISCE is very less here. Number of school affiliated to CISCE is only one this year which is in Tirap district which is co-ed and residential.

4. TOP ICSE SCHOOL IN MIZORAM : This year this state have not got any new affiliation and only around 150-160 schools are established here.

5. TOP ICSE SCHOOL IN SIKKIM :- In total 8 schools has got affiliation this year by CISCE. The condition of ICSE school is not so good in this area as only around 15-20 schools are distributing knowledge here.

6. TOP ICSE SCHOOL IN NAGALAND :- There are about 20 schools that was established earlier. Only one school has got CISCE affiliation this year in Nagaland.

7. TOP ICSE SCHOOL IN TRIPURA :- Like other North-eastern state Tripura has also not many ICSE schools herewith. Total 3 schools have got affiliation this year by CISCE.

8. TOP ICSE SCHOOL IN HIMACHAL PRADESH :- Here around 100-150 had been established earlier as this state is the second highest literate state in India and the level of higher secondary education is better in this state.23 schools has been got affiliation from CISCE this year. All schools are co-ed except two boys and girls schools respectively.

9. TOP ICSE SCHOOL IN JAMMU AND KASHMIR :- This state has not got any new affiliation this year from CISCE. J & K have not too much schools that are having CISCE curriculum from earlier.

10. TOP ICSE SCHOOL IN UTTARAKHAND :- Total 90 schools have got affiliation this year by CISCE. Earlier around 200 schools had been established here those who provide quality education in the state.

11. TOP ICSE SCHOOL IN JHARKHAND :- Recently CISCE have confirmed to give 90 affiliated schools to the state.

12. TOP ICSE SCHOOL IN KARNATAKA :- Nearly 250 co-ed, girls and boys schools have got affiliation by CISCE recently.

13. TOP ICSE SCHOOL IN MAHARASHTRA :- 162 schools have been added in the list of CISCE affiliation this year. Schools have co-ed, girls & boys facility in them respectively.

14. TOP ICSE SCHOOL IN WEST BENGAL :- Maximum 315 schools got affiliation by CISCE this year in west bengal. Co-ed schools are more in number.

15. TOP ICSE SCHOOL IN UTTAR PRADESH :- Schools of Uttar Pradesh got second maximum affiliation this year .i.e. 312. with co-ed facility in maximum of them.

16. TOP ICSE SCHOOL IN BIHAR :- Total number of schools affiliated to CICSE is 31 with co-ed education except three girl’s school which are situated in Patna and Bhagalpur recently in this year.

17. TOP ICSE SCHOOL IN TAMIL NADU :- About 68 schools have got affiliation this year by CISCE. More than 400 schools had been established earlier.

18. TOP ICSE SCHOOL IN ODISHA :- Nearly 86 schools have got affiliation this year by CISCE with co-ed and residential facility in most of them.

19. TOP ICSE SCHOOL IN PUNJAB :- Approx 105 schools have got CISCE affiliation this year in the state that are co-ed and promises their students to give quality education.

20. TOP ICSE SCHOOL IN MADHYA PRADESH :- 30 schools got affiliation this year by CISCE and most of the schools are co-ed & non-residential.

21. TOP ICSE SCHOOL IN ASSAM :- In Assam more than 100 schools are affiliated to CISCE and all are co-ed. Only one school is residential which is situated in Sonitpur.

22. TOP ICSE SCHOOL IN KERALA :- Nearly 129 schools have got affiliation this year by CISCE. This state is top in literacy rate and government also put pressure on private board to do more for the students.

23. TOP ICSE SCHOOL IN GUJARAT :- Total 30 co-ed schools in Gujarat got affiliation from CISCE this year.Most schools are situated in Ahmadabad, Gandhi nagar and Surat.

24. TOP ICSE SCHOOL IN ANDHRA PRADESH :- Total number of schools affiliated to CISCE are 87 here. Most schools are situated in Hyderabad and most are co-ed.

25. TOP ICSE SCHOOL IN RAJASTHAN :- In total 12 schools has got affiliation this year by CISCE which are co-ed, girls and boys and also some of them are residential.

26. TOP ICSE SCHOOL IN DELHI :- Recently two more co-ed and residential schools had got affiliation by CISCE. Earlier more than 500 schools are running here.

27. TOP ICSE SCHOOL IN HARYANA :- Total 24 more schools has been added to the CISCE affiliation list this year in Haryana and most of the schools are co-ed other than boys or girls residential.

28.TOP ICSE SCHOOL IN GOA :- 4 more schools have been added to the list of CISCE board recently and all are co-ed. There are no any boy, girl or residential school.

29. TOP ICSE SCHOOL IN CHATTISGARH :- Total 19 schools are situated in Chhattisgarh that have got CISCE curriculum this year. Most of the schools are situated in Raipur and have co-ed education facility.


We have tried to bring you list of ICSE schools in all states of India , we would keep on updating this list of top ICSE schools across all states. In case you need updated report you can put query at bottom of this page in so that we may keep you informed on current ICSE schools status

You can give your valuable thoughts for the further improvement of this post. 

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