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Truth Behind Super 30 and Anand Kumar

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Anand Kumar is a name associated with IIT JEE coaching at Patna. Super 30 is name of coaching which talks about Philatrophy of Mr Anand Kumar. Its well know n at Patna or any other part of India that Mr Anand Kumar teaches 30 poor students from different part of country free of charge.

Its still mystry to Understand why Mr Anand Kumar needed to spread these lies or these lies got spread on its own. Was Anand Kumar simply doing his duty and People made their owwn though process regarding these issues, I do not know.

For teaching students from Poor class Mr anand Kumar Got various reward and Prizes like

British Columbia ,  Bank of Baroda Sunlight Achievement Award , S ramanujan Awar by Institute of Research and Documentation in Social Science(IRDS)  and many more other Prizes.


All what is know is that Anand Kumar does not teach on 30 students only.

Anand kumar runs a coaching named “Ramanujan School of Mathemetics” where about 8000 students Prepare for IIT JEE.

Selection in batch of Super 30 is from an exam which in it self is of IIT JEE standards.

Test of Super 30 is simply lead generation process for “Ramanujan School of Mathemetics” where every one coming gets addmitted.

“Ramanujan School of Mathemetics” keeps an eye on top 100 students of its coaching, who already have cleared a similar competetive test and thus their  level of preparation is high for respective year exam at IIT JEE exam.

After exam of IIT JEE, Mr Anand Kumar takes test of his own students again at “Ramanujan School of Mathemetics” and then declares his lot of 30 students.

Students from weaker section of society get seat because of high probablity of selction becasue of Reservation in different catogaries.

Rumors from unvarified sources at Patna are “Mr Anand Kumar” is very stringent on his fee structure at “Ramanujan School of Mathemetics” and students have also been thrashed for not submitting fee or delay in submitting fee.

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