VFx technology – An innovative flowing wave

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VFx Technology in India

vfx technology -an innovative flowing wave

VFx Technology

Visual effects known as VFx. Creating images digitally which cannot be possible live.This process is called Visual effects. These images further integrated with live action. This is how picture becomes  realistic. Visual effects is going to provide great opportunities for jobs. Number of VFx studios are increasing day by day. Red chilies VFx is a great example. Visual effects artists are treated as big diamonds. This field can attract Engineers who are joining management. Due to high pay scale of visual effects  supervisor. The average range is between Rs.213000-Rs.817500. VFx technology an innovative flowing wave.

Techniques of VFx technology

vfx technology -an innovative flowing wave

Chroma keying technique

Chroma keying or green screen- This compose two images together. It is used to change background of scene. Scene is shooted with green or blue background. Because both color are very different from skin color. It is easy to replace. These color background further replaced by required image. Whole technique is based on layering. This VFx technique is used in post production.


Rotoscoping- It is used for removing subjects from background of live scene. Rotoscoping is done in frame by frame. This is done with chroma keying. Rotobrush is great tool for rotoscoping.

3D modeling- 3D modeling is three dimensional object representation. The object can be inanimate or living. This can be done in software MAYA or 3Ds max. 3D modeling is based on rendering.

Matte painting- It is a combination of two or more images into a single image. Mattes are used to combine a foreground image with a background image. For example, foreground can be an actor and background can be a planet. The matte is the background painting.

Motion Tracking- Adding computer graphics with live-action called motion tracking. This is done with correct orientation. The adjustment should be relative in motion. We can collect motion information from a motion picture or camera movement. Motion tracking is related to rotoscoping. It is also called  as match moving.

VFx software

vfx technology - an innovative flowing wave

3Ds Modeling

3Ds MAX– 3Ds Max is a 3D modeling, animation.and rendering software. The software  is using computer’s 3D technology. Through this, we forms group of points.By joining point surface is created. It creates 3D view using Multiple surface. Still pictures, movies and game environments  can be created with this technique. This is mostly used software for 3D modeling. It is also simple to use.



MAYA- Maya is an animation and modeling program. It used to create 3D full-motion effects. It works on basic natural laws of physics. These laws are used  to control the behavior of virtual objects in computer animation. Maya software can make videos more real than older one.

Nuke– It is a professional tool for VFx. Nuke is based on node approach.This is used most widely in big movies. It is able to combine 3D  models with external environment. This allows rendering of CGI elements without predetermined holdout mattes.

Mocha– It is used for planar tracking and rotoscoping. It consists of tools for wire removal, clean plate generation, lens distortion correction and mesh warping.This delivers an all-in-one VFx tool set.

Flame Autodesk -Flame software runs on its own operating system. The cost is high. Because it is used in some critical projects.

Courses for VFx

B.Sc –Visual effects3 Year, Under GraduateCG Mantra –Digital media academy, Noida
BA – Visual effects3 Year, Under GraduateMMAC Bhopal
Bachelors in Visual effects3 Year, Under GraduateArena Animation, Wanawadi-Kondhwa, Pune
Diploma in Visual effects1 Year, DiplomaTekhnix Studios Pvt. Ltd., Vadodara
M.Sc – Visual effects2 Year, Post Graduate DegreePicasso Animation College, Marathahalli, Bangalore
Action Scripting2 months, certificateTGC Animation and Multimedia., Delhi
Application of VFx technology-

The VFx technology can be used in Internet markating. Visual effects make video more innovative for advertising. Visual effects are also used in bollywood and media. This is an important part of film making. Ra.One movie was totally based on visual effecs. It has enhanced  the level of visual effects in India.

vfx technology -an innovate flowing wave

VFx statistics

Up coming VFX technology-

Vfx technology will be able to build virtual human. This technology will create facial animation effect. It will also  create synthetic massive environments. VFx technology will  reduce phisical effects soon.

Ease of operation-VFx has provided ease in field of visualization and display. It has given great tools. Through these tools images can be modify in fractions.In future we will have a boom in VFx technology

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    nice blog lubna keep up the good work .And thanx for enchancing our knowlege on VFX technology.

  2. sakshi chaudhary says:

    VFx is a Visual Effect Technology which is for those persons who have interesting imagination and want to give them wings…Trough this technology their dreams seem like a real world.We have seen example of this technology in many Hollywood and Bollywood movies as in motion tracking,3 D modelling etc. This is not only act as a source of entertainment but if one want can adopt it as their carrier as Visual Effect artist are well demanded in the market…..One can go for various course in this field like Bachelors,masters,Diploma etc,,

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