Media is a mixed blessing/How ethical is media?

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Media is a source of mass interaction. Media includes books, e-media, magazines, newspapers, radio, and television. Nowadays Media is one of the strongest mode of communication. The development of any county is depends on media. In international scenario roots of media has been spread-ed world wide. It is true that media is a mixed blessing and how ethical it can be, it depends on the way of conveying message. How ethical is  can be seen in different field as given below.

media is amixed blessing/How ethical is media?

Role of Media

Role of media in politics-

  •  Media shows the true face of politician by broadcasting interviews with facts. Media aware laymen about beneficial schemes provided by Government. Media is ethical.
  • Some politicians are using media to show news in their favor. People cannot able to know the actual truth as different media channel says the matter differently.

Role of media in society-

  • Media helps people realize their duties. Media is also helps people get an update of each and every event happening around the world. Nowadays media is a big mediator between public and government to bring revolution in the country. Media is reducing corruption by creating fear to take bribe as it is showing the pictures of the people who are taking bribe.
  •  Media is showing people, several ways to kill, and rob etc. By this number of criminals is increasing day by day. In Mumbai attacks (26/11), media caused increase of the problem. Terrorists were able to see what’s happening there, and threw grenades at the commandos. Most of the times media’s allegations are not true. This puts lives of many people and their career at stake.

Role of media in technology

  • Media is the communication from the country to country. Through media we get aware about on which latest technology, other countries are working.
  • Getting Information of new technology of our country through media can be used by other country in a wrong way.

It’s true that we can’t live without media. Media has freedom of speech. As long as the allegations are not false and the media does not hurt any sentiments of an individual or community, we all can accept media with open hands. Misuse of constitutional right of “Freedom of Speech” when provocative statements are made on air. Media has so great a power as to mobs into riots and self-destructive. There needs to be a strict line of discipline and ethics which the media should not cross when portraying any event or data. Media is a mixed blessing.


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