Criticism is Good

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According to me any criticism which is done in a healthy manner and without hurting one’s sentiments is what called as a good criticism. If can get improved or through criticism if some positive changes takes place in someone’s life then definitely it should be considered as good criticism. If somebody is criticizing you then instead of looking into the negative side of it i.e. the person is commenting on you or your work rather one should look towards the positive side of it. One should think that someone is showing interest in their work. Moreover, someone is trying to give their inputs regarding the kind of work which you do or the manner in which you do it.



Not only at workplace but criticism also play a vital role in developing an individual’s personality. It helps an individual to become a strong person and at the same time a good listener who has a lot of patience in it. A criticism can be considered as a good one only when a right kind of it is given to a person. Also the person criticizing you also plays an important role as to what kind of role he plays in your life. Is he really interested in having some positive changes in you or he is just doing it for his own fun.

Thus, in the end I would like to say criticism is very important in each and every field of our lives. It is totally put us as to how we take and how we try to deal with it. We should never take it personally rather we should consider it as a plus point that someone gave their opinion on your work, on yourself. Thus, I would conclude by saying that as to what the title of the article itself suggests that yes criticism is good.


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2 Responses to Criticism is Good

  1. Mitali Panda says:

    Criticism is the path to show where we lack and i strongly belief that we must take criticism in a positive way or else it is the most dangerous weapon for DE-moralizing one and then leading to, Depression.

  2. Sumit Mukherjee says:

    Yes, I believe that criticism is important or can say good for us because it will represent a moral or immoral nature of ourselves just in front of us. That helps us to make ourselves a perfect one to the eyes of the social values…..

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