With Media Publishing and Telecasting Trivia Censorship is the Need of Hour

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In present scenario Media Publishing and Telecasting is at its peak.Day after day no. of news channels are increasing but never to forget everything has its pros and cons.
Lets focus on pros :

  1. We cannot deny that with media in power people are better informed and better communicated.
  2. Media also played major role during our struggle of independence.
  3. Media also helped in conviction of high profile Jessica Lal murder case .

Now the cons:

  1. Media reacted very insensitively during MUMBAI BLAST where security was compromised for footage.
  2. In recent DELHI GANG RAPE case media was more focused on publishing and telecasting statements of politicians which was irrelevant.
  3. At last but most common is media plays with emotions of victims which showed media’s callousness.

For films we have Censor Board where it is necessary to get CENTRAL BOARD OF FILM CERTIFICATION.
For TV Channels BROADCASTING AUTHORITY OF INDIA was launched on June 2011 

“Most people obtain the bulk of their information on matters of contemporary interest
from the broadcasting medium. The television is unique in a way in which intrudes
into our homes. The combination of picture and voice makes it an irresistibly
attractive medium of presentation. It has tremendous appeal and influence over
millions of people. Television is shaping the food habits, cultural values, social mores
and what not of the society in a manner no other medium has done so far….”

Unfortunately successive Governments have failed to take positive measures to encourage
and promote the growth and development of television content in India free from
Government intervention in accordance with the specific directions of the Supreme Court in
the 1995 “airwaves” case wherein the Hon’ble Court said that “the broadcasting
media should be under the control of the public as distinct from the government”. In
essence, this meant that the Government should refrain from controlling the content and
programming of radio and TV broadcasts, and an independent and autonomous
body/organization/corporation with adequate representation from the industry and public
– 3 – should oversee the functioning of the media. The goal was to create world class content and
programming by giving media the freedom and scope for enhancing their creativity

It is always said that THINK BEFORE YOU ACT which itself makes us mobile censors.So I would like to conclude by saying that TRANSPARENCY IS NECESSARY IN OUR SOCIETY BUT NOT AT THE COST OF SECURITY AND EMOTIONS OF PEOPLE.

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