Waterfall Model

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Waterfall  model is a one of the  technique of designing a software. It is just  theoritical model and all the software model design techniques are designed according to this model. In waterfall model  we do various test. In this model  the process of designing is in flow just like waterfall. But once we have completed the work of one part and have jumped to another and we need to do add some function or attributes in previous domain then we cannot go back and change it as this model does not support reverse flow. This is fully similar to a waterfall from a top of a hill, this is why it is called waterfall model. Also if we complete one part of model then only we proceed to another.

WaterFall Model

If we go in the detailed process of software designing, then first we have to do analysis of the users’ need. Then we have to find how the software that we are designing is fit for them or what  kind of adjustment is possible and needed to be done. After analyzing we have to list all the requirements which are needed and then finally the design of the model is done according to the requirement. We divide the whole project into small modules  and develop a program plan for these modules. As one module is completed, we proceed to the other module.

These are the steps of designing waterfall model:-

1.    Feasibility test

This is the first step of designing in which we analyze the requirements of user then we list  out all the requirements and analyze how can these requirement can be fulfilled  by the software. What kind of functions are we going to use. Basically in this test we do the analysis of the problems.

2.     Requirements And Specification

In this step we list after analyzing all the basic requirements and problems.we specifies solution and do planing that how we gonna use programming and fulfill these requirements.we specify a module for each problem or function .

3.     Designing

After all this steps there comes the designing part. In this step we decide how we gonna design the software.In this process we select which language and format we chose to work and how modules are interconnected in a program.

4.     Coding

For coding we divided a large program into small modules .We use different function and prog language for coding.after coding all the modules we simulate the programs.

5.     Testing

After coding we test all the modules if the are working properly .We integrated all the modules and then do the testing.this process is repeated until all the parts of program are integrated and tested.

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