8 effective strategies to prepare for CAT in one month

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A lot of examples are readily available which say that you do not need to invest too much time to prepare for CAT written exam.
1. One month seems very short period of time but only because the numeric is very small, say that you have 4 weeks or 30 days or 720 hours to prepare for an exam where you don’t have to memorize anything.
2. Skim through tips and tricks within the first week, do not practice question papers but familiarize yourself with the manner in which exam is structured and the type of questions that you should expect.
3. Set a target score that you are aiming for in the exam. Do not think that more the merrier, set targets basis college you aspire or set targets a little more than your current score in one of the mock tests.
4. Identify your strengths and weaknesses. Handle weaknesses by the scuffle of its neck, practice as many questions of the weak area as possible.
5. Pick the weak section and do as many test papers as possible, with completion of each set analyze your score and see what error you made, ask yourself why did you make that error. If you don’t get answers to your question seek internet or any teacher/friend assistance.
6. Make a habit of practicing for full length exams. 2 for each day, one in the morning and one for the evening. Try to ensure that you do not make or for that matter repeat mistakes.
7. Relax for last 2 days, pray to god and have faith, prayers of a true disciple never go unanswered and you will also need magical powers to support you during this crucial period.
8. Enjoy yourself, mix learning with fun. Do stick to your routine but also ensure to have a break day in the week as it will help you analyze your mistakes effectively.

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