Where can I find free online coaching for IAS

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 Free Online Coaching for IAS in India

There are a number of coaching centers in India which provide online coaching in India. But it might be difficult to find quality education in coaching centers which provide it for free. But there are few coaching websites which provide IAS coaching for free and their study material is also good. So, you can go to different websites which provide with a lot of study material and current related to UPSC CSE. You can go through these sites and find out. If you want to join online coaching then you should know what they provide. It is not necessary that they conduct live interactive classes with you. Some coaching provide you with the study material and notes only and other short term course videos. So you can get help from such material and other from books and NCERTs

Importance of coaching

Before joining any coaching you need to first decide that if you want to join coaching or not. UPSC is one of the most difficult exams to crack and demands regular hard work and determination for its success. Lakhs of students give exam for the UPSC but there are only around 800 students all over India who are able to crack it. Being an IAS officer brings a lot of opportunities with it and a lot of authorities and responsibilities. Coaching provides you with a mentor for your preparation who guides you through out your journey and keeps you motivated when you feel like giving up. Coaching helps in providing syllabus from a vast resources and concise it. It provides notes which are short and crisp which help you in your revision. Coaching helps you in studying your optional subject properly especially if you don’t any previous knowledge regarding it. So you can join the coaching if you feel need for any of these. But if you have a well planned strategy and a good support system and you feel like that you can prepare on your own then there is no need for you to join any coaching.

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Plutus IAS Best IAS Coaching

Free online coaching for IAS

There are a few coaching centers which provide study material and videos for the preparation of your IAS coaching. Some of the top best are listed below.

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First in the list of best free coaching for IAS is


It is a great coaching website which provides coaching for all types of examinations. It is a well known coaching and provides quality education and has well qualified staff.

Although it did not provide free online coaching but due to the covid-19 pandemic it has started giving free online classes. Otherwise also, it has some free study material and UPSC related videos on its website and application.

For further details contact-


Second best free online  IAS coaching is

2. Chanakya IAS academy

The second best online coaching for IAS that provides education for free is chanakya academy. It is a coaching center in Chandigarh that provides coaching for UPSC CSE. It also provides free online coaching all over India. It is a great coaching institute and provides quality education. Also, it has a greatly qualified faculty and it’s teaching is very understandable and clear.

Third best free online IAS coaching is


It is a great website providing education to all classes and coaching for all examination like UPSC, JEE, NEET, etc. Although it does not conduct live classes for free but it has a lot of study material, strategies, current affairs etc on its website which are a lot helpful in the preparation of the IAS examination. So you can get help from these study material if you want to.

For further details contact


Fourth best free online IAS coaching is


It is a website which provides online coaching for IAS for free. Coaching is provided by Dr Vijay Aggarwal who provides various online and offline classes on its app. It also provides with study material and various tests to help with the preparation

For further details contact-


Fifth best free online IAS coaching is

5. YouTube

Everyone knows about YouTube. It is the best source for all sorts of information and it contains various videos and study material related to the UPSC CSE which might help you in your preparation

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