Which are better Officers IAS Academy or Shankar IAS Academy

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Which are better Officers IAS Academy or Shankar IAS Academy

Which one to choose Shankar ias acdemy or officer ias acdemy chennai

Civil services examination is a Prestigious Job. preparing IAS is Tough. There is not even an iota of Thought. If you ask the about the opinion about the best IAS coachings among the just two I will say, it Shankar IAS Academy

There are Few Important Points to keep in mind Friend

  • Study material provided by coachings.
  • Faculties Status – Like how much experience do they have for UPSC preparation.
  • Fees They charge
  • Duration of the Classes
  • Test Series provided by the institute.

So, in totality shankar is any day better than officer IAS acdemy Chennai

Why people Choose Shankar IAS academy?

The Shankar IAS academy offers good notes, provide the good faculty.

Whether you want to prepare for Tnpsc, upsc this is the only institute people want to go with. we personally met with ifs, ias, ips from Shankar IAS academy Chennai. There are branches of shankar ias acdemy. Adyar branch is also famous.

There are the people who want to move to delhi to prepare for as IAS AS delhi is having some of the best ias coachings but after seeing reviews and listings here at oureducation, people made decisions to join Shankar IAS academy.

Staff: SIA is having one of the best staff. May it be management staff including faculties.

Shankar sir:- if you talk about Geography in the UPSC section, the best faculty is the Shankar sir. He is no more the other facilities are taking care of this subject very well. All kind of moral support and legal support is being provided by the staff during all the time of preparation.

Chandu sir:- basically he take cares of International Organisation. He covers all the basics of the subject like UNSCO etc. If you are good UPSC aspirants you can easily merge the things with the notes on Linings provided by the Chandu sir Shankar IAS Academy.


  • It has very good infrastructure with all confidence. In the hot weather of Chennai, you will get AC facilities.
  • Even even or get the video recordings of the session. You will have option of interview discussions, various kind of orientative discussion etc.

Shankar IAS Academy at Chennai focus on three things basically prestoriming, mainstorming and correction.


In this parts of Shankar IAS you will be given all India mock test. The result always is on the basis of your rank that you get across India. So It helps you to analyse where you are.


You will be given various sub topics and the discussion of the same will happen in the class. This will help in grasping the content of the main topic very well.


It is theWonderful thing of Shankar IAS Academy. What happened the students who have already cleared the IAS examination like Vishwa Akshay get in touch with you to give you the feedback on the paper or test you have given.


Best people like Shailendra Babu, sudha will help you to get prepared for the final round of India’s toughest examination that as IAS.

It’s basically the mind blogging session. The interview panel at Shankar IAS Academy workout on how to get you through all ups and downs or all the difficult situations that happen in real time UPSC interview.

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