How to write effective essay for UPSC mains?

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How to write an effective essay for UPSC mains?

how to write an effective essay for upsc mains

Preparing for an essay in the UPSC examination is a very vital part. As it takes a lot of practice to prepare for the same.

You know what writing reveals your thought process.

This is the reason, UPSC wants the candidate to write effectively in the essay section.

The good writing ability will help UPSC Examiner to know you  from inner core.

This is the reason these days you will find, that  in many competitive examinations, there is either precise writing or essay writing.

But, Most of the students who prepare for IAS examination does not take the examination very seriously.

This paper comprises of 250 marks. This is as good as the general studies paper in the UPSC Mains examination.

Essay in Main :– Preparation By upsc Aspirant.

You know what students do not take the section very seriously.

  • UPSC students who gave the test for the very first time think that they can easily clear the essay section with flying colors. What’s the big deal. They have studied a lot.
  • The students who are experiencing think that they already have studied different sort of things different statistics from the GS section. That makes complete preparation for them Hindi essay section. But that’s not true.

Don’t ever feel overconfidence.

To approach to different things, there are different strategies.

Anudeep durishetty scored only 100 marks when he gave an exam in 2015. But when he gives exam in 2017, he stressfully worked on his weaker section.

Important things that you should do to write an effective essay in UPSC main?

  • Learn important quotes.
  • Scrutinize what are the current going on in the news. Analyse what can be the expected topic for your essay.
  • It is advisable to prepare notes of your own.

These small small things will help you to clear IAS examination with flying colours. These are minimal elements.

There is saying Boond Boond karke hi to ghada bharta Hai.”


What UPSC wants from you to do in the essay section?

How to write an effective essay for UPSC mains?

You need to have a close eye on the topics on the associated terminology. You should be so organised in arranging your thoughts and ideas in a very fashion manner that it gives out in a fact about it. It should look like a very unique. You have to come out as the different candidate.

How the GS section is different from essay writing?

In the chase section, you will be getting the marks for what you’re right. That is the content. But when it comes to the essay, invigilator will look for the kind of language you are following in the writing. He always look for the methodology you are adopting in organising your thoughts during the write up.


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Sources to prepare for upsc essay section?

  • Reading fiction and nonfiction books

Reading the books or you will understand the way of representing your thoughts. The methodology of argument, how the unique content is being presenter 12 by the authors. These all will help you to do The writings in your UPSC examination as well.

It is recommended to read the diversified reading so that you involve the political understanding of nations, the economic behaviour is of the from Nation. If there is any technology and innovation going on you will also learn the same in the box. So reading the book to perform well in the essay  section as the must to good things.

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  • Read of magazines

Many UPSC toppers I have when the seat in the examination because they bore well informed about the resources they should follow.

  •  Yojna
  •   EPW
  • Economic Surveys

Sometimes you have been asked to write about trivial issues. So if you are the one who and completely touch with these magazines. You always be stand out as different personality. Because you will be having the current statistics.

About IMR, malnutrition level, MMR

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  • Make a habit of keeping a small notebook with you in which you can write small kids and good stories.


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  • Maintain the discipline of language and expression.

Don’t use much Jargons. It has been seen that in the section people really use the big 4 guns and you know it does not make my sons. Always right in simple language. You don’t know who is your examiner. If you are represent your thoughts in the clear manner you have the great chance of scoring well.

You know what clear writing means clarity of thoughts. That’s what UPSC want within the candidates.

  • In essay  section, maintain small short and Powerful sentences

Long sentences are difficult to read. You need to make examiner feel good.

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