Which Coaching will be best for UPSC among Vision IAS, KSG and SRIRAM?

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Which Coaching will be best for UPSC among Vision-IAS, KSG & SRIRAM?

Role of Coaching Institutes in UPSC Preparation

There are many candidates who had cleared UPSC Exams without spending sleepless nights and without paying high amounts to any coaching institute. Why is Coaching necessary? Actually, good coaches and mentors can be very helpful to their student unless they are misleading the student. The best example of a good coach and a mentor is Guru Dronacharya from Mahabharata whose teachings lead Arjuna to achieve his goal. The coaching centre helps the student to reduce his self effort. A good experienced coach by his clear knowledge can help the student to learn fast and succeed in breaking the tight competition.

How many attempts does it take to clear UPSC Examination?

The level of the exams being high, it is a fact that only one out of ten candidates who passed the exam has cleared it in first attempt. According to a study, it takes around three attempts on an average to pass the exam. The selection process of IAS Exam is designed in such a way that only the best candidate from the country is selected. It is clear that the exam is tough to crack, but is not unassailable. With dedication, proper strategy and direction, one can easily clear the exam even in the first attempt.

Habits to inculcate for success in UPSC

  1. Join Similar Interest Communities
  2. Be aware of the syllabus & new updates
  3. Plan your Schedule
  4. Set your Syllabus targets
  5. Test yourself regularly
  6. Revise the Concepts more frequently
  7. Indulge into Confidence building activities for UPSC Board Interview Preparations
  8. Read Magazines/Newspapers for Current Affairs- Make it a habit
  9. Get rid of Myths regarding IAS preparations
  10. Develop Self belief & determination

What are IAS Notes?

A detailed collection of the prescribed syllabus for IAS Examination including UPSC-Prelims, UPSC-Mains and UPSC-Board Interview, form the notes for IAS Exams preparation. It extensively covers all relevant syllabus NCERT’s, Standard Reference Books, Magazines and Journals. It also consists of quick revision tutorials, Quick Guides, Mock Test Series, Quizzes for Civil Services Exams like IAS, PCS, etc. Traditionally, we had always heard from people about the UPSC Exams being the toughest exams to crack as it requires a lot of determination and for many, years of practice. Now the question is, “How true is it that IAS Exams are tough?” The truth is that it is a tough task to crack these exams. But tougher a victory is, one gets more satisfaction on conquering it. This applies to IAS Exam too as once you clear it, your life gets into a respectable position and on a more secured path.

One thing to keep in mind to maintain positivity is that no coaching institution can assure you 100% success without your own effort. So, even after joining a coaching centre and paying a heavy fee, it’s the effort on your part and the quality of reference material you use will determine your own result. The IAS Exam notes are also available in multiple languages on various online platforms, which the students can get very easily on their online portal.

1. Vision IAS- An Overview

Vision IAS is a comprehensive and intensive ‘interactive’ distance learning/online/classroom program which focuses on sincere IAS aspirants who will appear in Civil Services Examination. Their experts provide step by step guidance to aspirants for understanding the concepts of the subject and prepare them for effective answer writing. The test series and notes from Vision IAS have become indispensable tools for every serious aspirant.

Vision IAS – Features

  1. The Notes provided by Vision IAS are the best in the online market and cater almost all the necessary content to the students without any charges or for a very small nominal subscription fees.
  2. The notes are available in two languages i.e Hindi and English.
  3. The website of Vision IAS provides topic-wise notes on a daily basis with video explaination of each topic.
  4. Each section of the IAS Exams is fully covered in the notes whether it may be General Science or history or politics.
  5. The focus of the students shifts to preparation for the exam rather than just collecting notes when the student refers Vision IAS Study Material.
  6. The study material on the website of Vision IAS is well classified into sections which are UPSC Prelims, UPSC Mains and UPSC Board Interview.
  7. Their most important feature is that they are very easy to understand for a student who is even new to the preparation.
  8. In case of any difficulties or doubts regarding the content of the notes, the student can directly contact Vision IAS Executives and they are very responsive and will get in touch with the student within 24 hours.

2. KSG (Khan Study Group) – Overview

It is the best Coaching Institute for UPSC preparations specially for General Studies & CSAT preparation. All top 10 candidates of UPSC Civil Services Exam in the previous year 2019 were from KSG.

KSG – Features

  1. Their mission is to demystify the Civil Services Exam and help candidates to aquire confidence and competence to emerge successful.
  2. It has 6 centres across India – two in Delhi, third in Jaipur (Rajasthan), fourth in Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh), fifth centre in Patna (Bihar), sixth centre in Indore (Madhya Pradesh) and 7th in Bengaluru, Karnataka.
  3. They provide study material to students on a regular basis in order to keep them updated about the world happenings.

3. SRIRAM IAS – Overview

It is a premiere Coaching Institute for candidates preparing for Civil Services Examination. They have a good 35 years of experience in guiding candidates successfully to prestigious government positions.

SRIRAM IAS – Features

  1. They borrow services from distinguished professors and public servants (Civil & Defence).
  2. The Institute has developed techniques and methods for cutting short the learning curve because year on year , they get to interact with thousands of fine young minds.
  3. The classes here are centred around basics and they strive to make the concepts clear.
  4. Every year SRIRAM IAS sends 200 odd candidates into various services with SRIRAM’s students atleast 2 to 6 positions in top 10.


Which Coaching will be best for UPSC among Vision-IAS, KSG & SRIRAM?


After analyzing the three options that are Vision-IAS, KSG (Khan Study Group) & SRIRAM-IAS, I had been able to draw a conclusion that the best coaching institute for UPSC preparation is by far KSG (Khan Study Group) given its best results track record and years of expertise experience in the Civil Services.

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