Which Magazine is Best for UPSC?

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Which Magazine is Best for UPSC?

A detailed collection of the prescribed syllabus for IAS Examination including UPSC (Level-I) – Prelims, UPSC (Level-II) – Mains and UPSC (Level-III) – Board Interview, form the notes for IAS Exams preparation. It extensively covers all relevant syllabus NCERT’s, Standard Reference Books, Magazines and Journals. It also consists of quick revision tutorials, Quick Guides, Mock Test Series, Quizzes for Civil Services Exams like IAS, PCS, etc. Traditionally, we had always heard from people about the UPSC Exams being the toughest exams to crack as it requires a lot of determination and for many, years of practice. “Are IAS Exams very tough?” is the most necessary question to understand The truth is that it is a tough task to crack these exams. But tougher a victory is one gets more satisfaction on conquering it. This applies to IAS Exam too as once you clear it your life gets into a respectable position and on a more secure path.
The Indian Civil Services examinations considered to be the toughest entrance exams, for serving the country through civil services all the best option to be considered for a well-settled reputed future. The Civil Services examination consists of recruitment to Civil Services of Government of India, Indian Revenue Services (IRS), Indian Administrative Services (IAS), Indian Police Service (IPS) and Indian Foreign Service (IFS).

One thing to keep in mind to maintain positivity is that no coaching institution can assure you 100% success without your own effort. So, even after joining a coaching centre and paying a heavy fee, it’s the effort on your part and the quality of reference material you use will determine your own result. The concepts of E-Learning and Online classrooms are being widely accepted worldwide and even in India. With the start of 21st century, we had witnessed an unbelievable growth in the rise of Internet. As Internet reached every corner of the country and with increasing access to Smartphones, the experts from every part of the country started sharing their knowledge in the form of Online Magazines, Video Lectures, and Online Classes. We used to hear about the life experiences of our elder generations and almost everyone’s parents used to say that they used to travel miles to study and gain education in school. But now, the times have changed and a student has got the best of knowledgeable content at the comfort of their fingertips. For many people belonging to rural areas, who cannot relocate to another city due to social and family constraints, Magazines on UPSC related subjects have been a boon and a blessing. The IAS Exam notes are also available in multiple languages on various online platforms, which the students can get very easily on their online portal. There are various Magazines in the market and also available online that prove to be really helpful in your UPSC preparation.

A-List of a few such Magazines is listed below:

1. Yojana
2. World Focus
3. Geography and You
4. Civil Services Times
5. Competition Success Review
6. Economic & Political Weekly
7. Down to Earth
8. BYJU’s Monthly HPSC Magazine
9. Kurukshetra
10. Pratiyogita Darpan

These magazines can provide an all-round knowledge of happenings around the world and various other fields. In order to make choice-making simple, here is a comparison of features of two best Magazines from the above list:

Civil Services Times

• This magazine provides an overall 360-degree approach towards preparing for UPSC as it is completely dedicated to doing civil services preparation.
• It is a monthly magazine provided by the civil services board which carries information about society, industries, agriculture, and various other sectors.
• It contains all the laws amended or legislated by various State Governments and Central Government
• The essay and personality test section of UPSC exam paper can be sorted by this magazine.
• The previous exam questions are explained in the form of various detailed articles.
• The Magazine is the best seller among the books used for UPSC Exams preparation and successfully sells more than 1 million copies on its every edition.
• The topics explained in the magazines as articles are very likely to be asked in the UPSC Exam papers.
• The Civil Services Times was awarded the best magazine for 3 consecutive years.

Pratiyogita Darpan

• It helps the students with providing information on Current Affairs to the best of its collection.
• It is a weekly magazine published by Pratiyogita Darpan Sansthan which has content regarding interviews of UPSC Toppers from the previous years, articles on history of India, articles on Economic Policies of the country, Legal Legislations, Press Information Bureau (PIB), country’s Local Government Policies, National Policies, International Policies, etc
• It serves people by providing copies at much cheaper rates so that they can be made affordable to the financially weaker sections of the society.
• Mostly asked topics in the previous year UPSC papers are included in a separate section in the magazine.
• Pratiyogita Darpan has been awarded the best seller thrice and the best Magazine of the year 2 times in the past.
• The magazine is available in 13 Indian regional languages including Hindi & English.

Out of the above two magazines, the 2nd magazine i.e. Pratiyogita Darpan has an edge over the other and is by far the best magazine for preparation of UPSC Exams as it is very helpful and resourceful on the parameters of Content, Cost, availability, reach among the people of different localities, availability in different languages, relevance to UPSC papers, etc. This article highlights the best magazine available in the market and online based on my personal experiences when I was preparing for my UPSC, and it was really very helpful in clearing my UPSC in the very first attempt.

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