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“Women are they playing a role which is casted by the man. Yes they are because projection of women in the society is like a product for advertising nothing else.”

Ancient evidence has revealed that even the humans and the hominids of those times had separate roles for men and women in their culture, and this relates to the concepts epistemology. There were certain things that women were forbidden to do and similarly men could not interfere in some of the activities that were traditionally reserved for women. This has given birth to the gender role prototype that we find today in advertising world.

We sometimes assign certain quality jobs to certain people without thinking.  These ideas have also been carried on in the world of advertising, and the differences shown between male and females are apparent in many advertisements we see today. Advertisers have substantially reduced the stereotyping in ad pictures, and since the voice of female is not so harsh, it is used to convey the message although the amount of male speech relative to female speech is gradually being increased. It has been noted by viewing various advertisements that women are shown as being more concerned about their beauty and figure rather than being shown as authority figures in ads; they are usually shown as the product users. This has led to common belief that most of the advertisements and their contents are sexist in nature. Many of the ads do not show gender biases in the pictures or the graphics, but some bias does turn up in the language of advertisements. Within language, bias is more evident in songs and dialogue than in formal speech or when popular culture is involved.

Advertisements are greatly responsible for eliciting such views for the people of our society.  Children also see advertisements portraying women and they are also the ones who create stereotypes in their minds about the different roles of men and women. All these facts combine to give result to the different public opinions that become fact for many of the members of the society.

This continues in a vicious circle as the media tries to pick up and project what the society thinks and the people in the society make their opinions based on the images shown by the media. People, therefore, should not base too much importance about how the media is trying to portray the members of the society rather they should base their opinions on their own observation of how people interact together in the real world.

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