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Understand the wormhole theory

We already know that the big bang happened (or that everything came from a point) because scientists have traced planets back in the way they are expanding. This is a very far distance. Since we know this much already with out even colonizing Mars yet, we may even figure out what caused the big bang.


what is universe all about

Also, if we ever do figure out how to go at the speed of light, we could probably get rovers and probes, rovers, or even humans genetically engineered to withstand those speeds. However, the speed of light is very slow compared to the entire universe. In fact, some people on this website say that the universe is too large to find anything. However, scientists have very recently found that the wormhole theory (in terms of distance) could be possible. (A wormhole is a shortcut through spacetime that connects two distant places and takes a lot of energy. Some think we could get this energy from the sun through solar power.) This could help take us (or a probe or rover) from our solar system to another place millions of light years away very quickly. When you look at how far we’ve gotten today, and analyze the possibilities of the future, you can definitely see how humans may, one day, fully understand the universe.

YOUTUBE LINK: WORMHOLES(Einstein-Rosen Bridges)

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18 Responses to WORMHOLE THEORY

  1. swarn priya says:

    Very informative article.This article discloses many secrets of universe.A very nice article on wormhole theory.

  2. diya mukherjee says:

    many theories have evolved trying to figure out the birth the beautiful universe. theory like big bang have ,to some extent, shows the reason. wormhole theory is also one of the theories found. it explains you the process of evolution of earth in a much different way. this article provides you with the interesting facts of wormhole theory.

  3. preeti nisha says:

    Wormhole theory is one of the most perplexed topics. I came across this term in discovery channel where i learnt that wormhole was created due to enormous mass and energy released by cramping of a huge star. It is believed that our universe reside inside this wormhole. It also said that our universe is expanding to the other side of this wormhole. There are many issues still on this topic and a concern of scientists research as well. An interesting topic to learn about.

  4. Sneha Sinha says:

    Came to know about a new theory called wormhole theory from this article….interesting article..


    A wormhole is any structure connecting two regions or areas otherwise distant or unrelated. They have long been discussed as a possible mode of interstellar travel and even of time travel. They are fairly well-popularized by science fiction, especially Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, which depicts a large traversible wormhole that allows the characters to travel from familiar regions of space to a distant and unrelated area on the other side of the galaxy. I think everyone should read this article for details on WORM HOLES.

  6. aratrika sengupta says:

    The quantum Physics along with its contribution to the Big Bang Theory and Wormhole Theory has been explained in precise and in quite user friendly manner. I found this article of great help for physics lovers.

  7. Ritika says:

    Understanding anything which has an infinite stretch, is not possible!

  8. Ankita Prajapati says:

    Wormholes as the means of traveling to other universes or distant galaxies…Good explanation on the topic….

  9. Saurabh Singh says:

    Wormhole Theory is one of the secret and this post explain these in a very effective way..have a look

  10. Siddhant Tripathi says:

    Wormhole theory helps in unraveling the secrets of the universe.

  11. patlakshi says:

    Universe has its own secrets which are yet to be unfolds . There are many things in universe whose cause and happenings are yet to be discovered.

  12. huma fatima says:

    surely we can..and our researches have proved this also.But still there are number of facts still to be revealed.

  13. sakshi chaudhary says:

    i think UNIVERSE is the term which is full of secrets and mysteries,if one puzzle is solved another one is ready….

  14. Ronak Garg says:

    I believe nature itself is quite vast and complex that nobody claims to understand it completely and if we are talking about universe, i think its too early to say. Universe is so vast and conceal so many mysteries that definitely require a long time to understand.

    Universe changes with time and its very difficult to study things in motion as one day you drive to some conclusion and other day its not there to check out.

    So, I guess at this point of time we won’t able to understand the universe fully but hope so in future.

  15. BHarti PaNdey says:

    For me Yes as Universe has been a continuous source of Interest arousment for all of us…Continuous Research has been carried out on the Universe May be its about the Big Bang Theory or other Concepts..And i hope these Researches if are supported could give man a total insight about the Universe….!!!!

  16. Mankeshwar Tripathi says:

    Universe is such a large word and it have lots of secrets stored inside. Whenever something is found out, we get the clue for some more interesting things. This is what called as UNIVERSE that is filled with the unknown things. Human being are trying to dig out those secrets, but that’s not possible till now to study the complete universe.

  17. Pallavi sinha says:

    Universe is always a kind of puzzle for us to determine it’s number of hidden secrets. After reading this article we come to know abt a new theory “wormhole” which has been recently discovered.

  18. Pallavi sinha says:

    Universe is always a kind of puzzle for us to determine it’s number of secret. after reading this article we come to know abt wormhole theory which has been recently discovered.

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