What are some dark sides of life as an IAS officer in India?

Are IAS Officer Happy

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IAS is the prestigious job in India. If you want to serve the nation being in IAS, IPS, you have to go through the tough journey of UPSC CSE Exam.

Do people regret after becoming an IAS officer?

Regret is the result of the doubtful decision.

It’s not the designation which will make you to regret, rather it’s the decision of becoming or not becoming an IAS officer which makes you feel regret or Remorseful.

Real successful people in the private job sectors like Satya nandela, Carin, Sundar Pichai who has not cleared the IAS Examination and nor did these people ever appeared for.

It’s not the designation come on it’s not becoming an IAS officer or not once you clear the becoming an IAS officer it’s rather the goal, purpose that you have set for your life.

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The reason for not having regret IAS officer are:-

1. Exposure, liabilities and respect.

Once you crack the UPSC CSE examination you will be responsible for the inter and international decisions an Acts. Being an IAS aspirant, if you are the one who want to serve the nation, if you want to who make the better India believe me you will never regret for your decision of becoming an IAS officer.

Secondly, hardly any IAS officer regrets. The reason being, every IAS aspirant have put a lot of hard of Work, time to crack IAS examination.

IAS examination itself verify your your dedication towards the examination Your mental ability, flexibility and patience .

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Are IAS officers happy ?

? Shweta sharma says

“My father is an IAS officer and I think I am very much qualified enough to answer this question. In India IAS examination is really overrated.
In the family itself people started taking you with different perception.

Many IAS officer think of themselves as the perfect personality like semi gods.

My father who is now retired and surmounted by the chronic disease.
He gets somewhere around 100000 as the pension but it’s not all worth it. I have lost The Mom in the very early age because of my dad  ignorance towards her as he was busy in pushing the papers in the secretariat being an IAS Officer.

I think that my my dad job has Sucked him spin dry.

There is no point of getting a lot of money if you don’t have people to enjoy that money, position and Time”

This is one view, different views over the same question weather an IAS officer is happy in her life or not?

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? Shwetank sharma says

IAS officer gets a lot of power, responsibility and authority point IAS officer do enjoying a lot.

As far as happiness is considered it’s the state of mind. Whether you become the IAS officer or not it has nothing to do with the happiness.

Don’t make a Biryani by mixing happiness with the job .

The power within the IAS is as the reason of happiness for few people, but big power comes with big responsibility.

IAS officer become sad, regretful or reversible if they won’t be able to fulfill the responsibilities given to them for the nation ”

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 Are IAS officers happy?
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