Are MNCs superior than Indian companies?

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I don’t have any kind of experience of working in MNC’s or in public sector. But yes I’m going to work in there after completing my studies. Everytime a question comes in my mind Are MNCs superior than Indian companies?

MNC's or indian companies

MNC’s vs Indian companies

MNC’s are not devils in disguise I’m fully agreed with this but what about the happiness of that person? Each and every person likes to share his/her happiness or sorrow with his family. It could be because of anything. People do not have time to spend with their family.

Even some times it happens that there is worst situation for an employee but after requesting thousands times he is not able to get leave. Why so???
What is the use of this money which is not giving us natural and real happiness??

MNC's superior to Indian companies

why this royal treatment to MNC’s?

Instead of working in MNC’s and getting a large amount of salary, not having time even for family, working in public sector is good. At least we have time for our self and for our family.

Let me tell you the true situation of MNCs in 3 points :
1.) When you get to relax on weekends, the pressure of your work aches your body and your mind.
2.) The tension that follows every recession.
3.) The insecurity and lacking the opportunities to enjoy with your own family because we can’t get that many holidays as we are working for them and they are paying for it without any second thought of our comfort and relaxation.
What is the fun of getting so much money and not having the time to enjoy it? What is the fun of getting such big status and not being able to share and enjoy that with your family?

But in reality if we have to see the scenario MNCs are generating more number of jobs in compare of the Indian companies. Because they have more superior quality of their employee and their technology are well developed. Another important is that they are operating in many countries so in the age of globalization they are providing more superior environment for working and giving the class environment to their worker. They also contributing good amount of profit in Indian economy. They spend huge amount of money on the research and develop the well technology which help in beating competition. In Indian company are not more aware about their customer and they are not using up to date technology.

Now let me share some points towards MNC’s are doing better than Indians :

First think, Employment. Let’s think practically. If you don’t find a job after your studies, will you able to survive?

Second think about relaxation. Yeah People may seek ‘relaxation’. I am sure if you do the work within the time, MNCs are the best one to give more fun & engagement.

Third one is about Security. I agree the Govt Indian jobs are more secure than MNC however if you have sufficient knowledge, you don’t lose your jobs.

And, finally job satisfaction. Doing the same thing for a quiet period of time will lead to bore and mental pressure. We can’t learn anything. Curiosity and invention should be there to get motivation ourselves which lead to work more.

MNC are not only good in recruitment and labour welfare they are also providing better quality of product, their r&d is really very good, in MNCs they have better financial stability, they have their brand and they don’t want to dilute them merely because of some sort of problem. One of my friends said that they fired the staff in recession then gives me answer that will Indian companies not fire the staff in recession. We just believe in fact but forget the level of operation while interpreting fact for exp. In recession a MNC fired 10000 employees out of 100000 employees which is 10% and a Indian company fires 100 out of 1000 employees than tell me what’s the difference.

Actually, I am neither against MNC or Indian companies nor I am in support of such business machine. They are not here to think about our satisfaction, to provide us a happy go lucky life or to boost a marvelous impact on our country’s economy. They are here for their own interest and it depends on each individual how to grab their fruit from such companies as everything as its pros and cons so they are of no exception.

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12 Responses to Are MNCs superior than Indian companies?

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    […] Evaluation Pvt. Ltd. founded on 28th March is an INDIAN Company. eLitmus was formed by former Infosys employees. The Company helps other companies in hiring […]

  2. Ranjit Singh says:

    This article compare Indian company and MNC’s in a good way.
    Each one of them have merits as well as demerits.But I will support that one which helps in growth of indian economy fastly.

  3. preeti nisha says:

    MNC’s provide better opportunity to us not only in terms of money but knowledge and experience as well. They provide a far better platform to show up talent. The work environment there in Mnc’s is enriched due to skilled professionals from all over the world and thus one gets to enhance their own skills. It’s more competitive and thus more chances are there to grow better both technically and commercially. But i disagree with the fact that they are superior to indian companies. May be indian companies are not better than them but they are not behind as well. Every company has their own vision, mission and way of working. Even indian companies are productive and TATA’S and RELIANCE are the best examples. They are striving hard to compete the modern markets. A “thumsup” foe indian companies.

  4. sibanjan says:

    this article compares between two economical giants..”mncs” and “indian companies” …superior or inferior is a matter of relativity … mncs are generally a large organisations, they play an important role in globalization…… so they requires a large numbers of employment….they give an handsome remuneration to their employees … but there is no job security… not time boundary for work….but indian companies give security of job… salary may be lower than that of mncs…. but it gives a man a time for relaxation and to spend with his family ….

  5. Amit Kumar says:

    I do agree that MNCs are superior than Indian companies, on every possible ground. MNCs provide better environment to put skill on our best level. Right from the options they provide to the facilities they provide to their employees, MNCs are always ahead of Indian companies. Ask any IIM post graduate about his/her choices and he/she will make you count numerous MNCs. This is all because of MNCs excel in every other aspect Indian companies fail to fulfill.
    Overall MNCs are much much better than the Indian companies. India is suffering from the major problem i.e. unemployment. MNCs give us hope to deal with this problem by employing lacks of people of India. Also, it helps to maintain a good relationship with other countries. MNC are superior because of we people. Indian companies can too become superior than MNCs if the best brains of India works in Indian companies rather then MNC.

  6. Rohit Kumar says:

    We cant say that MNC ‘s are better than Indian companies as they are working for well being of India and its people. Whereas MNC’s uses our resource, man power though they will work for the profit of their own country . There could be individual benefit to the employ but it checks the development of the nation.

    Positive side of MNC’s are that they are away from caste based reservations by choosing skillful candidates etc. Most of the candidates may feel that they are being paid highly as well as doing more more work. Yeah, sure, this is a positive thinking. When you hang some weight to an elastic string, it stretches down and when we add some more weight it still stretches. And when we go on adding such weights. Finally the string loses elasticity. The same happens with positive thinkers leaving them collapsed 🙂
    Thank you.

  7. Ritika says:

    If we talk about the market , then, definitely MNCs have a greater market !

  8. sakshi chaudhary says:

    Employees are talented enough but brains are not responding to productivities. MNC fetch young talents and young generations rush towards the rapid inflow of better offers and competition. All PSUs are not like this. We have to remember ONGC, NTPC, Indian Oil, BHEL etc are progressing effectively.

  9. Saurabh Singh says:

    Yes, MNC have some priority than Indian Companies because of best technology adopt by them day by day and always their Aim to become BEST from PAST..

  10. Siddhant Tripathi says:

    Of course not; but the fact lies in the stats that the central government hasn’t benefited the MNCs in all ways possible whereas the policies concerning the Indian companies is very pitiful!

  11. Ankita Prajapati says:

    Indian companies are best compared to MNC company because most of the employees of MNC companies are indians. MNC recruit Indian people from their college itself. They give their training to 6 to 12 months and then they engaged into the project. Because of unemployment and corruption, our Indian students go to the MNC jobs.”

  12. Chitranshi Dhaneshwar says:

    it is not about superiority or inferiority,it is about technology.

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