Best Available Linux Books for Preparation

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About Linux:

Linux is an operating system which is modeled under the concept of free open source software development and its distribution. The defining component of Linux Kernel or the Operating system Kernel, this was first released in the year 1991 by the Linux Torvalds. The Linux software was initially developed as a free operating system for computers running on Intel x86 computers. The operating system now has evolved to be a major used operating system in different computers over the world. The operating system also is used in many big machines like the many big embedded systems and also super computers. Many variant of Linux operating systems is available today in the market. The main reasons for the popularity of Linux is because of its safety. As, Linux doesn’t support .exe files it is very less prone to virus attacks and also very less files get corrupted on such a system.

Thus, Linux is popularly used operating system for computers. Thus, knowledge on Linux can help a ton. It can fetch you great salaries and a reputed job. As, Linux systems are widely used Linux certified professionals are in great demand now a days.

Thus, to study about Linux please go through the following Linux books for understanding the concepts of Linux books.

Here are the Linux books listed below:

1. Linux: The Complete Reference

Linux complete reference

Linux complete reference

The Complete reference is a good book for any subject. The test content is rich and the book contains good information about the topics. The book covers almost all topics needed to have a overall concept of Linux.

Author: Richard Petersen

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Osborne

Print Price: Rs. 2337+300 (Delivery charge)

Available at: Amazon

2. The Accidental Administrator: Linux Server Step-by-Step Configuration Guide

Linux books

Linux books

The following book is a revolution in the field of study related to Linux. The book will help you build a strong concept on th theoritical part and will provide challenges to enrich your practical skills too.

Author: Don R. Crawley

Publisher: CreateSpace

Print Price:  Rs. 2,308.00

Available at: Amazon

3. Linux Kernel Development

linux kernel

Linux kernel

Linux subject is standard and one needs to follow a good book to get a hold at it. This book does just the same. It enriches the aspirants knowledge abut the text matter and has a lot of to solve examples. That helps the student to get a hold on the practical part of Linux.

Author: Robert Love

Publisher: Pearson Education

Print Price: Rs. 491.00

Available at: Amazon

4. Understanding the Linux Kernel 3e 

Linux Kernel

Linux Kernel

The book concentrates on providing the text in simple terms so that every student can understand it. This is thus a book that can be followed by any aspirants.

Author: Daniel P Bovet

Publisher: O’Reilly

Print Price: Rs. 2,799.00

Available at: Amazon

5. Linux Device Drivers

Linux Device Driers

Linux Device Driers

The book provides concepts of Linux with a well structured and designed frame-work. This frame-work is the basic need for any individual to understand the text properly.

Author: Kroah-Hartman Rubini Corbet

Publisher: O’Reilly Media

Print Price: Rs. 2,272

Available at: Flipkart


Here are the best Linux books for preparation of the Linux subject. Read these Linux Books to gain the apt knowledge.

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