Best Available Unix Books for Preparation

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About Unix:

Unix can be defined as a multitasking, multi-user computer operating system. Unix exists in many available variants. The original version of Unix was developed at the AT&T’s Bell laboratories by the two people namely- Ken Thomson and Dennis Ritchie. Unix systems from the prospective of a programmer or a power user are characterized by a modular design. This modular design is often known as the Unix philosophy. This philosophy states that the Operating system provides a set of simple tools that are designed to perform some specific tasks with accuracy and work with a unified system to form the communication system in the computer.

The programming language C was developed by Dennis Ritchie for implementation on the Unix systems. Thus one can use Unix on different platforms. Thus, Unix is a great language and supports many things too. The scope of jobs on Unix is also huge. thus its always a plus point if you are trained in Unix. Thus, a certification in Unix would be great.

For getting a certification in Unix one needs to first thoroughly study it. For that matter we are providing you with the information about the different good Unix books for the preparation.

Good Unix Books for preparation:

1. The C Odyssey: UNIX v. 3

Unix odessy

Unix odessy

The book is great for clearing out the basics and fundamentals of Unix programming and the operating system. The conceptsof the Operating system are thus useful.

Author: Vijay Mukhi

Publisher: BPB Publications

Print price: Rs. 306

Available at: Amazon


2. UNIX Shell Programming 



Unix shell programming is a great book for the programming concepts of Unix and the programming related concepts. The Unix systems concept is very important to understand the proper functioning of an operating system.



Print price: 240 (discount of 20% available)

Available at: flipkart


3. Test Your Unix Skills

test your unix skills

test your unix skills

A good book for studying the fundamental of Unix and learn how the operating system behaves.

The test is rich and full of information

Author:  Yashavant P. Kanetkar

Publisher:  BPB Publications

Print price: Rs. 120

Available at: Amazon

4. Unix Power Tools 

unix power tools

unix power tools

Test your skills and know about the different power tools Unix incorporates. learn about them and how they work.

Author: Jerry Peek, Shelley Powers

Publisher: O’Rielly

Print price: Rs. 1360

Available at: Amazon


5. UNIX Shells by Example

Unix Shells by example

Unix Shells by example

This book is a quality text in the Unix. It incorporates the different design parameters that are needed for implementation and the programming concepts also.

Author: Ellie Quigley

Publisher: UNIX Shells

Print price: Rs. 2941

Available at: Amazon

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