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About could be though of as a server side web application frame work that has been designed mainly for web development to produce dynamic web pages. This was developed by Microsoft to allow people to develop and build dynamic websites and web pages or web services. The first release of was back in 2002 or version 1.0 of .NET FRAMEWORK. This technology is the successor of Microsoft’s active  server pages technologies. ASP is build on the Common language run-time (CLR) this allow the  users to write te code in any language supported by .net pages. is the latest trend in the IT market and many companies are working in the development of Thus, proper knowledge of could fetch you a proper job with a good salary.

Thus, here are some good books for aspirants to study and develop their skill.

Here is the list of Best books:

1. Beginning ASP.NET 4.5 in C# 

Beginning ASP.NET 4.5

Beginning ASP.NET 4.5

A good reference book for beginners of This book contains the explanation of every thing from the very start. It firstly explains the C# then only comes to the topic of, thus the ideal book for beginners as it would provide a all round knowledge about the programming. Top books.

Author: Macdonald M

publisher: WILEY INDIA PVT. LTD.

print price: 699

discount: 18% (570)

Available at: flipkart



2. Asp.Net: The Complete Reference 

 Asp.Net: The Complete Reference

Asp.Net: The Complete Reference


This book should be followed after learning a small basic about C# programming because after that this book is one of the best in the market for the further studies on the topic.

Author: Matthew MacDonald

publisher: Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Private Limited

print price: 725

discount: 21% (567)

Available at: flipkart




3. Learn ASP.NET 4.5, C# and Visual Studio 2012 Expert Skills with the Smart Method

 Learn ASP.NET 4.5

Learn ASP.NET 4.5


An book by Simon Smart. This book not only covers the basics of but also covers a whole of C# and visual studio 2012 also. the book provides some smart methods to solve the problems.

Author: Simon Smart

publisher: The Smart Method Ltd

print price: 673

discount: 0%

Available at: Amazon



4. PRO ASP.NET 4 IN C# 2010



This is a high level books for professionals of and C#. This will provide you with those advanced skills needed to improve their coding.

Author: Matthew MacDonald, Adam Freeman

publisher: Wiley India Pvt Ltd

print price: 699

discount: 13% (604)

Available at: flipkart



5. .Net 3.5 Programming: Covering .Net Framework, Vb 2008, C# 2008, And Asp.Net 3.5, Black Book 

.Net 3.5 Programming:

.Net 3.5 Programming

A reference book to C# and .net framework for all aspiring students and professionals.

Author: Kogent Learning Solutions Inc.


print price: 649

discount: 22% (503)

Available at: flipkart



Here are some good books to follow for any aspirant.

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