Best Visual Basic books for programming

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About Visual Basic:

The Visual Basic is 3rd generation event driven programming language and an Integrated Development environment. The software is given by Microsoft for the COM development and programming model that was released in 1991. The motive of Microsoft was to make the interface of Visual basic as simple and easy to use as possible. Thus it came up with the idea of developing it based on Basic with a added feature of Rapid application Development (RAD) or a graphical user interface. Also access to database using data access objects. emote data objects or active data objects. The programmer has the facility to create objects using components available on screen. It is thus very easy to use and made user friendly. Also over the time the programmers have also created 3rd party components keeping this programming language upto the date. Also the programs written in Visual basic can use windows API. The programming done in Visual basic can be done in C++ for better and fast programming. Here are some visual basic books.

The Visual basic is an important language and is also in trend now a days. This programming language is easy to learn and one can also find a career in the same.

Thus for preparation here are some top Visual Basic books:

1. Visual Basic 

Visual basic

Visual basic

The above book is a book for beginners at Visual basic. The book covers all topics that are needed to give a proper overview of the subject for further studies. One of the best Visual Basic books.

Author: Mike McGrath

Publisher: Tata McGraw Hill Education

Print price: 203

Available at: Amazon



2. Visual Basic Projects 

Visual basic projects

Visual basic projects

This is a book that will provide the students with challenges in coding related to Visual basic. This book has many good projects in it for the students to solve. Solving or coding these projects will surely improve the  skill of the students. Best Visual Basic Books.

Author: Soma Dasgupta

Publisher: Bpb Publication

Print price: 190

Available at: Amazon

3. Beginning Visual Basic 2012

Visual Basic

Visual Basic

Another book of Visual basic intended for the beginners . This book covers the topics in simple text such that the students studying them can understand.

Author: Bryan Newsome

Publisher: Wiley India Private Limited

Print price: 445

Available at: Amazon



4. Visual Basic 2010 Programming Black Book

Visual Basic

Visual Basic

This book can be thought of as the bible for Visual Basic. The book should be read after clearing the basics, but the book will provide an all over concept and good programming hold is considered properly.

Author: Kogent Learning Solutions Inc.

Publisher: Dreamtech Press

Print price: 527

Available at: Amazon



5. Visual Basic .NET Programming: Black Book



The book covers both the topics of VB and .NET. The book is of rich text and is great.

Author: Steven Holzner

Publisher:  Wiley India

Print price: 649

Available at: flipkart

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